Hello Dear Dancing Soul,

Let us celebrate for one quick moment.

Throughout all of time and space, in this moment, here we are meeting!

Your eyes are on your screen, and as I look into the screen in front of me, my fingers are typing symbols of letters to create communication through words and phrases, so that during this wildly dynamic time on Earth, we can have a moment of being CONNECTED.

(Party time!)

My favorite part of a good party is when the vibes are high and you find yourself in a really meaningful conversation in which everything you talk about feels like perfect timing. Let's imagine You and I are going to that cozy corner to chat, and let's see how this resonates in your own body:

Shit is getting real!!!

Pardon my French.

Give me a moment to focus....

Ok! Let's try again!

We are dancing with the turning of the ages! We are alive during a dynamic moment of humanity's consciousness awakening to perceive itself. The prayer is that this realization then inspires the creation of structures that respect and honor this interconnection and serve the highest good of all. Cue the world now, where we must, as they say, hospice the old paradigm before we midwife the new one.

You need not look too far beyond your own thoughts, hearts, and life to see this prophecy unfolding as your piece of the puzzle reflects the whole.

You need not look too far outside of yourself to see the systems that are unsustainable and irreverent of life as a whole being revealed in order to be healed.

In the old paradigm, warriors fight from a place of fear and survival.

In this new paradigm, let's imagine exploring a new archetype: the well-rested warrior.

Instead of demanding the feminine to be heard, respected, and protected, let's try commanding it. Just for fun, let's become cosmic commanders, ambassadors of eternity, and well-rested warriors. The difference is you become a conduit of the infinite energy of life coming through your spine and through your community versus feeling exhausted by the perception that you are egoically isolated and alone in perpetual battle.

The way I see it, if we are going to be the most effective, we need to learn from the ancients who honor right timing. The impulse of action only from reactivity lacks the depth of your inner wisdom. With Venus in retrograde until April 15, these next few weeks are ideal for inward reflection and cultivation of clarity on the best ways to move forward, so that when the timing is right, you are not only well-rested, but well-informed, well-fed, well-pleasured, well in every way.

Your protection is your perception of the one light that is at the subatomic source of all things.

Your strength as a warrior is to hold the vision of the quantum leap of love embodied, day in and day out.

Your ability to see love strengthens your capability to serve it.

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares guidance on how to merge with this New Moon and this new moment:

The New Moon in Aries on March 27, 2017 (9:57pm EST) is a quickening for the sake of ripening. Center your New Moon intentions around Love. Love as a verb. Active, decisive, courageous love. Love that does not turn away from conflict, but blazes a trail through it instead. Love with a persistent will and a fighting spirit behind it. Love that demonstrates itself clearly through action, and thus is undeniable. Love is as love does. Passions run high now, and swift response is indicated. Aries is a quick-burning ignition. But haste makes waste. Ensure that the decisive actions you take will carry you through the long haul. Keep your values intact. Move in such a way that you remain linked to your enduring center. Deepen your investments around what truly matters. We have the chance to seed love into the primal soil of our being, and nourish the good abundant Earth with lavish yet simple attentiv e action. The energies alive right now in the cosmos are unstable. They are inventive. They are revolutionary and progressive. Let’s thoroughly anchor! As we deepen into presence with self and Earth, the only way to go is up, towards the highest dream held in our collective heart.

Now, let's embody this! I am passionate about inviting people to notice the powerful effects movement has and that a little bit can go such a long way! The trick is to not understand this as an idea, but as a lived and embodied experience. Whenever people ask how they can get "more in their body," I encourage them to do some sort of movement that they love and then AFTER that experience, notice how they feel and prioritize their schedule from the place of them enjoying the benefits of movement vs. from a feeling of obligation.

Click here to view the library of all our FREE 15+ minute movement rituals to do this experiment - pick a ritual, do it, and notice how it affects you afterwards.

In addition, here's a special new short 6+ minute video for today for when you want to wake up first thing in the morning as a well rested warrior!!!

When you do movement in Qoya, you don't relate to the body in a one-dimensional functionality with hopes of burning calories, toning abs, and shaping our thighs. Instead, you learn how to run the spaceship of your body as a multidimensional portal with access to the realms of your perception so you can move through the world with meaning, full of metaphor, as medicine and as prayer.

Of course, you're busy. We all are. I know I'm not the first or last person to gently remind, yell or preach about the powers of rest for restoration, joy for rejuvenation, community for inspiration, or movement rituals to know the embodied feeling of reverence as your default setting.

But for real, shall we do this? As long as we are here?

Shall we commit fully to be who we are? To dance as warriors of light? To love radiantly like the sun? To heal like nature, receiving what has been destroyed as the beginning of its next creation?

(Read: I am begging you to do the movement video or any movement at all with intention and self-love! Then notice how you feel after. I'm sending a prayer that you not only feel good, but you feel a lot more like yourself after you move).

I'm honored to be dancing alongside you, and grateful for all who are feeling such a wide range of invitations to different parties at this time. There's the fear/armaggedon party. There's the wishful thinking party. There's the fight for your rights party. There's the retreat into nature party (I really love that one!) And then, there's the cultivating a deep trust in yourself to consciously decide where to invest the incredible power of your attention party.

May the movements of Qoya be the bridge to whatever party you're most excited to attend, and may all our dancing prayers, all our offerings, all our lessons, and all our celebrations benefit all beings.

From one love warrior to another,


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