How many times can we hear the encouragement, "Trust yourself!"?

How many ways can we receive the message, "Follow your heart!"?

How many heartbreaks need to heal until we trust the resilience of love to heal all wounds?

How many times do we have to see our old habits and patterns hold us back until we stand up and say, "Enough!"?

Everyone reading these words knows the next step you are being called to in your life, and you know the main thing you have to let go of to do it. I promise you, you know!

So now the question becomes: are you willing?

I love the saying, "One thing at a time, everything gets done." It can be overwhelming in times of great change to feel like it is too much, too fast, too this or too that. However, after a strong rain, it's difficult to slow down a river. The best advice is to lean into its current and let it take you somewhere!

Where you are going? This is important to know to direct your course for the next few months. What do you need to leave behind, to lighten your load, to make this voyage? Whatever it is, I recommend going to a grocery store to buy a coconut or a thrift store (or your own kitchen) to find one plate or dish you are willing to symbolically sacrifice. Get a sharpie, and write down what this thing is on the coconut or the dish and then responsibility, yet cathartically, smash it. Bring a broom and dust pan to symbolically gesture to the universe that you are willing to release this hindrance and also willing to take responsibility and clean up your mess.

It may seem a little out of your normal routine, but that is what is needed right now! Get out of the autopilot of saying and doing the same things again and again if the result is not resonating with you.

If it would be helpful, here is also a video instruction on breaking a coconut! Use your imagination for the dish! 

Also, here is a movement ritual to help evoke and honor what is ready to be let go of through the movement of the body. Day after day, so many of us experience miracles when we move with intention in Qoya. We gain deeper access to our consciousness through our conscious curiosity of noticing and honoring how we feel as we move our bodies. In this free 20 minute video, see if this is true for you. If you focus your attention on movement, what clarity emerges about what this full moon is ready to help you release? 

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 12, 2017 (10:54am EST) is an evolutionary reweaving. Imagine your life is a rainbow crocheted infinity scarf. The scarf was carefully crafted through self-consistency. Each stitch is like an echoed reverberation of your own story. You have worn this scarf for a few seasons, and it is showing signs of wear. What once was a congruent linked pattern is becoming unraveled and frayed. Its resistances, dissonances, and dysfunctions are obvious and seem like great excuses to throw it out. It might be easy to get down and out about how things are and let it all fall apart. But the same excuse to stop is the invitation to begin. This is where dreaming meets doing. Patch and fortify the rough places. With dedicated craftsmanship, turn them into the most beautiful elements of being. Remain as careful in the end as you were in the beginning, and there will be no mistake. Your stubborn connection to that which is enduringly real is impossible to discourage. Channel your life in selfless service to return our world to its perfect design. It was there all along, and it is everlasting.

Inevitably, I trust we know how this story ends. I'm pretty sure we all come back to love. Oneness. Peace. Unity. Trust. Forgiveness. Health. Abundance. Creative Expression. Gardens. Dance!

The most important thing to remember is that we have a choice. May we all feel supported in honoring the cycle of releasing and receiving again and again, and may we have the courage to call in clarity to take action on whatever is most true for us today.

Like a serpent sheds its skin, like a jaguar trusts its vision through the dark, like a hummingbird discerns where its true nectar lies, and like an eagle flies to gain a higher perspective, may this movement and purification ritual connect you to the primal intuitive place that knows the best way to align yourself with what's next by honoring what is, as it is, right now.

I know you're busy, but take a moment to imagine how different your day might be if you take time to do this?

Let us know how it goes by sharing and tagging and #qoya by March 26th. The most inspiring post will get a $100 gift certificate towards anything Qoya, from our Lifestyle of Reverence website to Qoya Teacher Training or Retreats! For a list of all upcoming retreats and teacher trainings, see below.

With love,


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