It's been said unless there is a question, there is no need for teaching.

When we are connected to our body, our breath, our heart, our life, we trust in its flow. When we lose connection with our body, our breath, our heart, and our life, we feel bound by the patterns of the past and torn towards the thoughts of the future, feeling disconnected from the power of the present moment. Many variations of the same question arise here: How do we return? Remember? Heal? Awaken?

Do you have a question? Right now? Something that may have brought you to this moment in front of this screen?

What if you give yourself a little bit of time to contemplate the prayers for the answers you have for your life and for this world? As you bring them to the center of your heart, ask yourself, do you believe they are possible?

In a few moments of sincere silence, if it is challenging to rest on a strong foundation of faith, this New Moon offers you an invitation to go deeper.

This is not a clichéd assurance of the function of fear, saying "don't worry-everything is going to be ok." This invitation is from a place of deep respect, honoring the co-creative ability of humanity. You are able to shape your reality moment by moment with your conscious awareness.

Just like you cleanse your body externally by bathing or internally by doing a cleanse, there are many practices that offer an opportunity to release the toxicity of mistrust in life.

This invitation is not to make you wrong for the moments that you step away, but to take the time and deeply reflect if your day-to-day belief system is in alignment with your highest truth.

It may also help to reflect on all the times in life when you mistrusted but eventually your perspective shifted to see that even that challenge was a gift. Ultimately, with every breath, you have the choice to embrace life. I often think of Eckhart Tolle's saying, "whatever is happening in your life right now is the invitation for the next evolution of your consciousness. How do you know that? Because that's what is happening right now."

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg offers a poetic picture of the stars above reflecting the light within each of us,

The New Moon in Pisces on February 26th (9:58amEST) is like an impossible dream. A wish in the process of being granted. It is an annular Solar Eclipse, the second eclipse in a pair of two following the last full moon. The subsequent New Moon in March will be the closing of the most recent eclipse gate, indicating that humanity has crossed another threshold: a gateway to reconciliation. Sometimes contracts are not honored. Important details and intentions get lost in the mix. Waste happens. Time passes and connections fray. We forget essence. We forget that which yokes us. It takes calamity to invoke restoration. Earth has offered us a home, and humans have taken that for granted. We have wandered astray. We have forgotten source. We mined our own precious resources. This offering our earth mother gave us was unconditional, yet not without consequence. She will create exactly what we need in order to restore harmony. Her power is ultimate. That, we can trust. Our soul is not separate from the soul of Earth. We are all One Soul. We are children of our mother and family to one another. All children go astray sometimes. They blink their eyes and look to see that the safety and familiar comfort they know are not embracing them as usual. They cry. And they experience the absolute need to reconnect. It is time for us to awaken and choose to serve for the duration. Summon the courage and inner freedom to withstand the shaking-loose of stagnant matter. Align thoroughly with the parent-Soul. The future and past collide. Tomorrow is acting through today. We are being summoned to rebirth. With insurmountable resolve, we rise.

Eight years ago when I taught my very first Qoya class in New York City in 2009, all of this would have been an impossible dream.

Since that first class, there have been thousands of women (and a few good men) who have gathered together in our circle of remembering. We've danced in over 30 countries and inspired sisterhood through many communities. Through valuing our own lived experience, we have each had a reunion with our wise, wild and free essence.

I often say, "the only thing better than union is reunion!" May all of our reunions with our remembering be sweet. May our hope spring eternal and strengthen us to hold our belief in our impossible dreams as possible.

May movement be a simple and easy way to gain access to our remembering.

Here is our movement ritual from way back when called Dream Bigger Dreams. This is when my videos were just me with a tripod in Prospect Park so many years ago. Let us celebrate our process of remembering more of who we are with each inhale and exhale.

If you were to get one thing from Qoya, it would be the invitation, encouragement, and support to trust yourself. I actually wrote a whole book about my journey to trust myself with 34 exercises to inspire your journey to deepen your trust of yourself (which I am offering for free from now through March 1st for Qoya's birthday!)

Save some time to dream, because your dreams might save us all,


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There is no one I personally know on the planet who understands music as access to mysticism, as metaphor for all of life being a vibration, and as a true teacher and portal, like the body we use in Qoya to remember our essence, than Josh Brill. He leads a segment for our Qoya Teacher Training Intensive about music, and it is one of the most powerful experiences for many of the teachers.

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