Qoya means Queen.

Not an emotionally distant, bejeweled, position of inherited power. Queen as a feminine manifestation of consciousness. Queen as embodied wisdom. Queen as expressed creation.

Queen as free. As sovereign. Sovereign not on a throne dominating others. Sovereign as a conscious chooser and co-creator in her own life. Sovereign as a woman who has remembered her essence as wise, wild and free. Because she has a deep experience and awareness of the physical sensation of that truth when it zings through her spine, she recognizes others as expressions of that same eternal light.

She can trust life because she realizes: she is life.

Warning: this is hard to track with an ego-based mind! Virtually impossible actually!

An ego-centric gaze scrambles the system and guides us down the pathways of fear and separation.

Each one of us decides, "What is my fundamental belief system? What do I believe about this world?" The trick, and it is a trick, is to learn how to listen to your inner voice. The wisdom in your body. The love in your soul. The cycles of nature around you. The guardian angels that surround you. The wind that whispers peace.

What you put your attention on grows. For this full moon eclipse, be rebellious in exercising your voice, power, and rights to live an embodied life that is wise, wild, free, reverent, and that protects and honors the earth, families, and our shared future. Also, rebel against the internal voices that amplify external cultural messages and aspects of yourself that you judge.

How do you rebel against them? You love them. Love them with forgiveness. Love them with compassion. Honor the role their journey has had in your awakening.

There are many ways to incite change, and as Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem on the same level it was created."

This eclipse offers you the energetic assistance to take a quantum leap in your spiritual understanding of your sovereignty as part of the oneness of all creation. A beautiful illustration of this is the soul bow that we say at the end of yoga classes, "The divine light in me honors the divine light in you." No one is excluded from divinity. It is not, "The divine light in me honors the divine light in you - but not the person next to you." You claim and shine your divine light as one part of the light of all.

If you are on the edge of trusting the excitement in your heart to surrender and merge with the love in everything, this is your time.

This is our time. 

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The Full Moon in Leo on February 10th (7:33pm) is an invocation for the all-pervading light of Self to be present in full manifestation. This moon is a penumbral lunar eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs as portals, or major gateways. They act like a threshold rife with reset buttons, bringing irrevocable events of evolution. The decisions made and actions taken during eclipse season create a new landscape of being, after which there is no going back. We have reached a turning point, and we can only go forward from here. The bells are ringing. They are calling you home to yourself. They ask you to commit, and to bring all of yourself here, unequivocally. You have come here to be in command. Your Self and your purpose are the same. Everything is within you. Allow the ultimate light of the divine to shine through you and illuminate what is hidden. You cultivate the unseen into consciousness. You are an intrinsic element of masterful design. The separation between individual and collective no longer exists. Despite any counter influence, you still shine. The light permeates enough so we can see: there is no division. We are together. Our collective radiance fulfills existence. The world is served. What is truly right and well for one is truly right and well for all. Be yourself, and everything will fall into place. Inside your presence resides a sovereign force. Saturate existence with omnipotent love and the complete light of consciousness. So it is.

I invite you to feel your Sovereignty as Oneness, to embody your radiant light as an expression of the radiance of all life.

During this eclipse, I am leading two Qoya retreats in Kauai to work with this energy doing Qoya, Channeling with Grace Cavanaugh, and Angelic Breath Healing with Madeline Giles to deepen our connection to trusting ourselves, trusting our guides, trusting the cycles of life, and trusting eternity. One of the strong messages that has come through the channeling with Grace is to imagine that you have a choice and then choose wisely.

I invite us all to now take a moment and reflect on what we are choosing.

I Choose Love. I Choose Trust. I Choose Beauty. I Choose Forgiveness. I Choose Compassion. I Choose Remembering. I Choose Life. I Choose Gratitude.

I am grateful for every moment I have the clear mind, open heart, passionate soul, and honest body to choose, and I'm so honored to be choosing and dancing alongside you!

With love and encouragement to keep choosing,


There is no one I personally know on the planet who understands music as access to mysticism, as metaphor for all of life being a vibration, and as a true teacher and portal, like the body we use in Qoya to remember our essence, than Josh Brill. He leads a segment for our Qoya Teacher Training Intensive about music, and it is one of the most powerful experiences for many of the teachers.

Now he has created an online course to begin to embody these teachings through learning how to play guitar as a mindfulness and meditation practice. Check out our video conversation about it here, and this special Qoya discount rate is available this month only, ending February 28th! 

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