This New Moon is an invitation to see the grace and beauty in the dance of separation as it leads us back together. Through lived experience, day by day, we get initiated into this evolution of consciousness that is happening in us and all around us, and on some special days, like at a wedding, or on a New Moon in Libra, the divine whispers into our soul ear and says, "There is one thing to which there is no opposite. Do you remember what it is?"

You pause. Not because you don't know. You know. You pause, because if you believe it, you will be in such a state of surrender that the grip of the ego will lose its sense of control. It wants to protect you, so it tempers your heart and encourages discernment.

This voice asks again, "Do you remember? Do you remember the thing that has no opposite?"

You inhale what feels like infinity and savor this sensation as it fills your body. With your exhale, you don't say the word "love" aloud, but you feel it everywhere in your body. You have a lived experience of a benevolent universe, of all of life as consciousness exploring consciousness, and you know you are in the center of this love. In this moment, you have an impenetrable sense of trust.

Our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares this New Moon in Libra September 30, 2016 (8:11pm EST) is a turnaround. After a period of darkness, destruction, or waste, there is a glimmer of good fortune on the horizon.

"Those with the courage to go far wrong are the likeliest candidates for the greatest turnarounds."

--Ellias Lonsdale

New hopes linger on the air. Embrace your recent losses. Replace disappointment with renewed vows of love. We are held in a sweet-smelling blanket of fall leaves and flowers. Compost and rain. Dancers move before us and within us in grace. Be invited to incubate in the possibilities of beauty. Take a partner by the hand. We never came here to journey alone. We came with our companions and our lovers. We came with our mediators, our diplomats, our artists and beauticians. We came with the playfellows who turn flour and sugar into cookies on any afternoon. Snuggle in. Socialize. Enjoy the small sweetnesses of life. Let light-heartedness and friendship transport you beyond any fears or anxieties. Lay analysis to rest for a pause. Instead, live in the comfort of your human progress, enfolded in the feather-tipped wings of the angels who walk alongside you today. Don some rose-colored glasses, and notice what gives you hope. Embrace, and be embraced. Dance the loveliness of awakening in the midst of any madness.

Collectively there has been a struggle to make sense of this world through a solely dualistic perception of right/wrong, light/shadow, individual/other, body/mind, doubt/hope, giving/receiving, and masculine/feminine. However, when we engage fully with duality by feeling, embodying and honoring both sides of it, we get access to a reconciling third perception of non-duality. For example, instead of idealizing the masculine OR feminine, we merge the masculine AND feminine, creating a new entity, the sacred marriage -- in ourselves, in relationship, in our world. (Reminder: I speak of these as contrasting but complimentary energies that are in every living being and not specifically associated to gender.)

Sarah Drew, a dear friend of mine and the visionary author of one of my favorite books, Gaia Codex, shared that she was recently at a wedding and in the midst of so much challenge in our world, she found that this event brought people together to honor love, to open their hearts and to feel a sweetness that was the very much needed. She offered, "It's almost as if we should all be having more weddings to bring people together as the medicine for this time."

When I officiated a wedding this summer (in the middle of a labyrinth!), I shared that it is not only the love of these two souls that stands before us, but love itself. This New Moon not only celebrates the moments, people, and places that bring us back into harmonious partnership within ourselves and with the external world, but it also honors the path here. It's not only about love, but loving the journey that brings us to love (and trusting that all things lead us back to love... eventually.)

After writing my book, there was such an alchemy in seeing the gift in my heartache. Sometimes hearts break so they can open. Rather than resist these challenges, I was finally able to embrace my humble initiations back to myself, and cultivate my resilience day by day, truth by truth, so that on a day like today, on a New Moon in Libra, I can share with you that in the midst of driving 8,500 miles this summer in a car with the man I love, we got engaged!

Looking back at my life so far, I feel such gratitude for all the books, songs, friends, movies, and conversations who touched my heart and encouraged me to continue to believe in love and to love the journey.

When I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to converge into a sacred union with a man whose well of wisdom quenches my thirst for growth, whose passionate soul inspires my body to dance, and whose deep-rooted goodness and consistent kindness melts me daily.

To honor your journey through your body, I invite you into this new free movement ritual called: Loving the Journey

Keep on believing,


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