Sometimes there is a moment that becomes a new reference point, a new way in which to associate context, especially as we are all working so hard to co-create a new world - individually for ourselves, in our relationships, and within our collective evolution.

I had one such moment watching one of my best friends swimming in a crystal-infused lake towards an inflatable unicorn when I felt an infused sense of hope, of belief in the power of play, of joy, of happiness, of rest, of appreciation, of friendship. I started to wonder about expanding our ability to enjoy the journey from time to time and maybe even beyond time.

In my book, I write about how much I love my birthday - so much so that my old email was (You can get the first chapter of my book and the exercises for free here to read more about my fascination with pondering a moment before I/you/we were here and then on our birthday, we arrived!)

When thinking of my birthday this year, I sat still to imagine the most fun I could have and this is what I came up with... a group of friends to gather in Arkansas at a rumored mecca of one of the cleanest lakes in the US whose lake bed is one of the largest deposits of crystal quartz in the world! We could all chip in and rent a houseboat, take turns cooking meals, and offer different experiences like energy clearing, pendulum swinging, and releasing eco wish lanterns into the sky.

I felt passionate that we all needed to co-create the experience as a gathering of celebration, fun, activation, exploration, purification, magnification, and VACATION!   

Well, that was last weekend and just in time for this New Moon in Leo, August 2, 2016 (4:44pmEST). In the words of resident Qoya astrologer Virginia Rosenberg, this moon is a pledge to joy:

What is Joy? Joy is the experience of eternal divine radiance within. Joy is the accumulation of naturalness. In other words, it’s you! Joy is your birthright. Joy is your heart of hearts. The center of the wheel. Each of us was once a child, gazing at life with innocent wonder. That magical child still lives within. Keep your awe as you mature into a sovereign being of light. You are literally a star. Your light is meant to shine now, and to keep shining hundreds of years after you are gone. Still illuminating. Still giving life. Keep laughing. Keep dancing. Keep singing. Keep playing. Keep loving. Keep weaving a wonderful, fun, vibrant story of life. This is the stuff of Gods and Goddesses – perhaps that’s really what we are. Be ALL of you. How? By delightfully undressing from whatever is not you and embracing your sexy honesty. As Popeye says, “I am what I am.” Be yourself, in full color. All parts of you welcome. Free yourself and grow. New ventures are on the horizon. Marvel; where will they take you? All roads lead to and through the heart, so listen and allow the heart to take the lead. Ask your heart: how does life want to express itself through me? Then dance your dance. Take up your pen. Cook your meal. Drink deeply of the unique creations life funnels through you: an inexhaustible supply of enchanting amusements. Toss back your lion’s mane and rejoice.

What is the layer between you and the energy of this new moon in Leo? Between you and fun? Between you and shining?  

Is it exhaustion?

Notice how you feel now - then shake for 5 minutes with this video and see if it is true that through movement, you can remember, you can come back to yourself, and you can sense the innate part of you that is always ready to radiate joy when the timing is just right.

Having fun is not being flippant to the struggles we are all facing. Having fun is the remembrance that our lives are full of a wide range of experiences and just like we cultivate the ability to honor and grieve the things we need to let go of, we also cultivate the ability to savor and celebrate the things that delight us.   

So I wonder: if your assignment is to have fun, to shine, just for today and just because - what would you do? How would you do it? And how would it feel in your body to experience it?

A little bit of lightness can light up a dark room.  

Gratitude to you all for being lighthouses wherever you are.
Blessings on the path for all your journeys ~ inner and outer.

Trusting in the moments that relieve of us our worry, expand our smiles, and give us a moment to rest into the audacity to hope for moments of joy and wonder with the reverence of the truth and beauty that they hold.

For all of us,

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