Dear Dancer,

I'm on the road again. Everything is in storage, and my boyfriend and I have decided to drive across the United States in the shape of an infinity loop. I'm teaching Qoya classes, retreats, and teacher trainings, and together we are having conversations with people about the evolution of consciousness that is happening at this time in a project we are calling the Infinity Migration, which you can check out here.

I have spent a lot of my life traveling and found some creative answers to the question, "Where do you live?" For awhile, I would answer, "my body!" This is the place where you can most easily find me, the place where my spirit resides in this lifetime. People would chuckle, but then ask, "No, really - where do you live?" I then came up with a second answer. After much contemplation and consideration, I narrowed down all the potential places where I could live and decided on...."Earth!" Earth. Of all the intergalactic adventures that might be available, my consciousness has rooted into Earth. That's where I live.

I'm being playful, and at the same time, I'm being very serious. If we slow down and get back into our body, I believe we all feel a distinct call to rise and express more of the truth and love of who we are in a way that serves the highest good of all. Often the things that keep us from taking the next steps that we know we need to take are a combination of distraction and obligation of what we "should" be doing versus what our souls came here to do.  

When we slow down to feel this truth in the body, I find there are often great rewards to listening to the soul voice that speaks through the skin. Gifts like inner fulfillment and external ease. But there is only one way to find out...

Our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg, shares some astrological insight on the power of coming back to your body and back to the earth at this time with the New Moon in Cancer, July 4, 2016 (7:01amEST) which harkens us home:

What is home? A house is not always a home. A house begins as a simple shell. When a house is filled with family, photos of loved ones, shared meals, traditions, life patterns, emotions, and memories, it becomes a home. Deep bonding and sentiment make home. Home is a nurturing place. A place of safety, protection, and comfort. A familiar place where we can nourish, rest, and be surrounded by feelings of belonging. Home brings us up. Home heals us. Home preserves our heritage. “Home is where the heart is.” Our home extends beyond the house we live in. It reaches past familiar towns. The whole Earth is our home. The Earth is the Mother to all of us. The Earth is the source of everything we have: the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our foundation and our structure. Tune in and feel: how is the home of Earth doing? If the land and the waters would speak, what would they say? Does the environment feel loved? Are we contributing to the beauty and health of this atmosphere? As Earth’s children, we must be alert and responsive. It is time to leave behind habits that lack care and compassion. We must leave behind the carelessness of the recent past and cultivate our memories of a past that lived before. Let us be stewards of our resources. When we serve and protect the Earth, the Earth will serve and protect us. This New Moon is a deep well of remembrance. Through movement, we remember our essence as Wise, Wild, and Free. Gather with your loved ones. Put your hands onto the body of this good Earth. Dance love into her skin through the soles of your feet. Heart + Earth = Hearth. Together, let’s dance that equation.

May we expand our capacity to honor our earthly bodies that make this human life experience possible for our souls to incarnate. May that honoring inspire us to take the most supportive and loving action to nurture the places that we call home in a way that serves the highest good of every living thing. May the home of our bodies and the home of our earth be places we can relax into a little more today and forevermore.

Thank you for all the nurturing you already do.
Thank you for all the creativity and beauty you create.
Thank you for all the expression of truth you stand for.
Thank you for the sweetness you savor.
Thank you for the prayers of peace you speak and dance.
Thank you for the love you are.
Go Team Love (a.k.a. embodied earth angel tribe)!

With wise, wild and free love,

Come dance with us! I'm so excited to announce my upcoming offerings, including 4 retreats led by Qoya teacher, Betsy Blankenbaker:

July 6th: Rhode Island Gratitude As a Superpower Workshop
July 6th: Rhode Island Class
July 10th: NYC Class at Sacred Brooklyn (7:00pm)
July 11th: NYC Initiation Teacher Training
July 16th + 17th: Asheville, NC Initiation Teacher Training
July 16th: Asheville, NC Tell the Truth Faster Workshop
July 17th: Asheville, NC Gratitude As a Superpower Workshop
July 23 - 26: France Qoya and Writing Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker
August 25 - 26: Qoya at the Taru Festival
September 10 - 17: France Qoya and Writing Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker
September 19-20: Only Love is Real Workshop in Dorset, England
September 22: Autumn Equinox Workshop in Mougins, France
September 23 - 25: Only Love is Real Workshop in Mougins, France
October 28 - 30: Woodstock Retreat
October 23 - 30: Zimbabwe Service and Safari Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker
October 31 - November 5: Cape Town Qoya and Writing Retreat with Betsy Blankenbaker