Dear Love,

I’m a big fan of this new moon in Gemini. I’m also a big fan of Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade (more on that later).

Being a Gemini myself, I’m getting ready for my birthday on June 11th and find myself reflecting on all that has happened in the past year of my life.  

Maybe it’s somewhat similar to the past year for you…

Many blessings. Many challenges. Many initiations. Many Liberations. Many tears. Many smiles. Some struggles. Some snuggles.

All in all, it has been a dance. There has been much movement, literally and figuratively, and the movement, as always, has been a metaphor.  

The thing I've learned this year that I am the most excited to share is that the greatest fulfillment I’ve known is in exploring our divine essence as alchemists, who can turn brass to gold or take lemons and make lemonade.

The human spirit is closest to creator when it is creating. When you FEEL all of life deep in your bones then make something, share something, sing something, say something that means something to you, there is a sense of fulfillment and purpose. A portal opens that leads you right back to the heart, both your heart AND our collective heart.

Having experienced intense betrayal in my own life (which I write about in Chapter 1 of my book) and exploring how much of this is my personal experience and how much of it runs deep in my family and culture, I came to understand the importance of being able to access my intuition and trust my inner wisdom (Chapter 2). I also found that when you're confused about what your sacred work is, one of the first places I recommend looking is where your wounds are, taking what you’ve learned and how you’ve healed, then making an offering back to the world (Chapter 3). It could be a business, a meal, or simply a kindness shown, but connecting our consciousness to our actions for healing is how we can bring love back to the places where it may have been forgotten.

Many mystics and their texts promise us that only love is real and nothing that is real can ever be threatened. Those moments when we can believe in love, feel its power, soften into its embrace, and trust its flow are the inevitable destination. I like the word inevitable a lot. Another word I really like is earnestness. With this new moon in Gemini, can we take a deep breath into all we are earnestly doing on the forever journey back to love? I hope so, because that is exactly what this New Moon is asking us to do.

Our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg writes: the New Moon in Gemini on June 4th (11:00pm EST) invokes appreciation. Gemini is the sign of learning. We are all learning so many different lessons in life. But really, we are all here to learn one thing: Love. What is Love? True Love? Real Love? If everything at its essence is Love, what stands between you and the experience of Love? Today, we may be at a crossroads or feeling in transition. We may feel blocked or restricted in money or relationships. Perhaps there is some stubborn fear or resistance holding on within. We may see and feel the ways the current material reality does not support Love. View these as obstacles we are all primed to overcome. If you are in a quagmire of questioning, there is an escape route: Let Go. Imagine you are not designed to hold any tension. A river continues to flow despite stones and pebbles in its path. Eventually, the flow of water itself polishes those stones into smooth, shiny, glittering crystals. Relax your mind, soften your heart, and feel your body melt into the pleasure of pure presence.

When you do use words today, speak in affirmations. Say “Hello, Love.” Tell tales of all the beauty you are choosing to create with your life. Proclaim your gratitude. Write letters of appreciation. Let the equation be so simple: You + Life = Love. Make Love. Make Love more real every day. With every word, and in every way. Enjoy!

If the invitation is to love and the resistance is real, how do we get there? How do we alchemize our wounds into power? Our loss into light? Our lemons into lemonade?

I love Beyonce’s visual album because of the unapologetic embodiment of each feeling on her journey as an emotionally empowered woman. As someone who has passionately served the mission of embodying the feminine in our individual lives, relationships, and culture for the last decade, it was one of the first pieces of art in pop culture that I found reflective of the feminine soul. The main thing I want to acknowledge here is the power in allowing yourself to feel how you feel and expanding the emotional range you allow yourself.

Oftentimes the main challenge in the uncomfortable aspects of our journey is the denial of their existence, the minimizing, the belief that we “shouldn’t” feel how we feel. I’ve found in leading thousands of women through Qoya classes that when you create space to feel however you feel and experience whatever you are experiencing as a felt sense in your body, it can be intense, but on the other side of it is always love.  

The trick is that this is not a process of mental gymnastics and strategy, but simply slowing down to be with yourself. The tender moments yearn for comfort. The ecstatic moments require celebration. It’s time to trust that the love that led us here will lead us through.

The easiest way I know to alchemize and return back to the physical sensation of truth in the body, the deepest truth always being love, is through movement. Through movement, we remember.

See for yourself. Do an experiment with this 15 minute movement ritual to align with the energy of LETTING YOUR LOVELIGHT SHINE:

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With LOVE,

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