Dear Love,

The day with the most light approaches as we honor the Summer Solstice. While there is never a bad time for ceremony, ritual, movement, community, or pilgrimage, if there is one thing you take from this newsletter, know that today and this week is an exceptionally supportive time for anything that brings you to the center of the center, to the brightest part of your own sun, which is your heart.

Our Qoya Resident Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg writes,

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 20, 2016 (7:02amEST) marks the Solstice: the official Solar transition from Spring into Summer. Fullest light is at its peak. This is also a Blue Moon, meaning the second full moon in the same sign (Sagittarius) within a month. Traditionally, the solstice is a time for celebration. Sagittarius loves to party and gather around a campfire. This moon, wild in its way, mingles with a serious tone. Much like the new moon on June 4, love, money, and relationships are highlighted and potentially questioned. Life is a duality dance between probability and possibility. Despair and faith. Falsehood and truth. Feel these opposites in your body. Let your body compass be your true north. Authentic discussion can help us get where we need to go. Real talk takes us to a higher level of growth and interdependence. Speak your truth. Underneath and within it all, who are you really? What still holds a spark for you? What do you honestly believe in? What is it the world truly needs? You have the skills necessary. Make a firm choice. Commit to your contribution. Attend to the pertinent details step-by-step. In the spirit of humility, those of us who care are doing the work day in and day out to make the world of our imaginations a reality. Each one of us is a working component of a complete organism just like organs in the body. All of it, a beautiful miracle. You are loved and needed here. Dance that feeling.

As always, I encourage you not only to read the paragraph above but to embody it.  Here is our free full moon video called Feel Your Truth and Follow It.

When it comes to truth, I always find the most authentic way to connect to my own experience of truth is using the body as barometer. The reason is that our default way of assessing what to do about a situation is often judgment and analysis, which definitely have their place. However, part of the medicine of this particular time in individual and collective evolution of conscious is to remember and re-integrate our intuitive and emotional wisdom, which is a feeling.  

My passion about embodiment is really the restoration of my faith in this simple truth: if we allow ourselves to FEEL and create safe places for expression of that feeling, we are able to trust our feelings enough to take action on them in ways that are constructive, honest, and loving, and in turn, will live a life that resonates as true in our bones and liberate ourselves to fully experience our essence that is wise, wild and free.  

I am so passionate about this topic, I wrote a whole book about it! The thing I love about the book is that in addition to my personal stories of revelation and devastation on my path, there are 36 examples of different movements, rituals, community exercises, and pilgrimages to explore what truth feels like in your body. There are also free online book resources and a free one hour online Qoya class when you purchase the book from Lifestyle of Reverence.

This summer, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to travel around the US sharing Qoya and exploring this very conversation about how to integrate the evolution of consciousness many of us are experiencing individually and collectively on the Infinity Migration tour.

Highlights include an entire festival devoted to this topic! 

Unearthing Power through Movement
Taru Festival
Forestburg NY, Catskill Mountains August 25th - 28th, 2016

TARU (Akkadian for “to know,” as well as “to return”) is a 4-day festival celebrating the transformational power of women's bodies. Under the guidance of leaders in Pilates, yoga and dance, we will gather in the pristine woods of the Upper Delaware River Valley to explore the connection between mind, body and spirit, unearthing the true potential of the divine feminine.

Before that, though, I'll be heading throughout the northeast:

Kripalu Retreat in Massachusetts (June 26 - July 1)
Class and Workshop in Rhode Island (July 6)
Class at Sacred Brooklyn in NYC (July 10 at 7:00pm)
Initiation Teacher Training in NYC (July 11)

I'll also be teaching some special workshops in Asheville, NC. Tuition for the workshops is included when you register for Initiation Teacher Training, or you can register for both workshops to save $24.

Tell the Truth Faster Workshop: July 16th
Gratitude as a Superpower Workshop: July 17th
Qoya Initiation Teacher Training: July 16th + 17th

Click here to learn more about Qoya Teacher Training.

I believe that through movement, we remember.  We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  And I believe that through movement, you will also remember the unique puzzle piece of wisdom, wildness and freedom that you hold. My prayer is that we will all feel the pulse of connectedness to ourselves, our truth, our power, our light and our wholeness. I pray that by feeling that inner connection, we experience the same outwards - interconnectedness to one another, to our global family, to nature, and to that thing that goes by millions of names but remains ultimately unnameable, yet when it enters moments of our lives, we can definitely feel it.

To the truth that we can feel in our hearts, may it ever be so,

P.S. Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes. I said many prayers for all of us while exploring Southern Utah and doing an epic hike in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.  

For the afternoon of my birthday, we hiked to Delicate Arch. About halfway in, a huge storm rolled through with high winds and heavy rain. It was exhilarating but also a little intense. Something caught my attention, and I looked behind me to see a double rainbow! It was a huge birthday gift and an honor to better understand the medicine of the rainbow, whose beauty is accentuated by the contrasting dark clouds that proceed it. I was also humbled to make the connection to the rainbow bridge, the portal from this physical tangible world to the world of spirit, on such a special day. I felt a humble gratitude to all the elements and was honored to dance with thunder, rain, wind and rainbows in such a magical and metaphorical way.