There is a medicine that comes only from lived experience - specifically, your lived experience. Many of us have been raised, encouraged, and rewarded to focus on what we think about things; however, the task for those looking to embody more of their feminine intuitive wisdom is to focus on how you feel about things. I sometimes offer, "Instead of figuring it out, let's feel it out."

A friend of mine and I were catching up the other night when she shared, "I keep signing up for all these online programs and classes and reading these books and for awhile, I think I'm going to actually just take the time to notice how I feel and follow the things that light me up." I got goosebumps! You always know the feeling when your body tells you something is aligned.

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, you remember. You remember the physical sensation of truth, of your essence, and you learn to trust that feeling. This is the move. To go back to your body as an oracle. To consider your body as trustworthy. To learn how to listen and converse with your bones and breath like you would talk to the person sitting across from you at your next meal.  

From my experience, when you recommit to your relationship with your body, the body and its senses will bring you into the power of the present moment. Thoughts can pull you into the judgment of the past or fear of the future, but your highest expression of self, of healing, of love, and of joy is always in the present.

Feeling your senses in the present moment is what this New Moon in Taurus is all about. Check out this guidance from Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg:

The New Moon in Taurus on May 6, 2016 (1:29pm EST) is fertile soil. New Moons are planting times. Consciously aligning with New Moon energy is simple, potent magic to guide and enhance your life. Every New Moon, the Sun and Moon join together in the sky; a cosmic marriage we can use to support creative manifestation. If ever there were a Moon to plant seeds of intention on, this is it! Under this Taurus New Moon, seeds that are planted are destined to take root. Gather your intentions. Sow seeds of richness and love, for today the sky tells a story of abundance. Begin with gratitude. Listen to the Earth. Heed the sensations of your body. Drop into your senses. What do you touch, taste, smell, see, and feel? What is touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and feeling you? Notice what is, and offer yourself to that. Drink the nectar; indulge in the beauty of this moment. Give it to yourself like a gift. Speak words of affirmation to this moment. Say “Yes, I feel you. Thank you.” Make it so simple. Lay down and luxuriate in the devotion of appreciation. Today, make a prayer to survive and prosper. That as you steadily grow, other plants and creatures find home within your sturdy shade. That wherever you step foot, flowers and bees and butterflies rise to meet you and sweeten the air you effortlessly breathe. That beauty continue to support, surround, and delight you. Consolidate your values. Affirm the most beneficial investments for yourself, your loved ones, and life itself. Most of all, Love Yourself. You are worthy. You are your loved ones. You are Earth.

Dance your thanks. Dance patience and persistence. Dance how it feels to be fed. Dance the ripening, and dance the reward. And shake your booty. After all, abundance is A-Bun-Dance!

To dance this feeling of ripening and abundance and shift into the present, I offer this new moon movement ritual designed to help you Get Back In Your Body.

After all the transformation that has been going through our individual and collective lives, this is a magical time to rest into how it feels to be you, in the present moment, honoring how far you've come and resting into the inevitability of remembering more and more of why we are here.  

We are here to love.

And love is not a thought, it's a feeling.

Love you,