On June 9th, I'm leading a co-ed Evolutionary Integration Workshop in Sedona, Arizona with Shamanic Astrologer Sao! I asked Sao to write about the intersection of Qoya and Shamanic Astrology to share with you whether you can attend this workshop or not. Enjoy his vision of creating a global hospice for the old paradigms of fear as we midwife a new paradigm of love in our individual lives and in the collective.


“If you can walk, you can dance,
If you can talk, you can sing.”
–African Proverb

When your Body magically emerged from the womb of your Mother, you began to feel. And – feeling will end when your Body returns to the womb of Mother Earth.
Because of this, our bodies and our feelings are the deepest essence of The Feminine. This is our most intimate connection with Her.
In other words, it all begins and ends with Body.
Yesterday (Thursday, May 5th), I sat down to write this and it wouldn’t come together. So I paused then realized, “Oh, tomorrow there’s a New Moon in Taurus. That’s the day for writing this.” Why? Because...
Taurus is Body. Rochelle is Taurus. Qoya is Taurus. And every New Moon is a reminder that opportunities exist to expand our experience of the sign (archetype) the New Moon is in. For example, a New Moon in Taurus offers an opportunity to expand our experience of the Body/Aphrodite.
Rochelle’s rising sign (aka. "ascendant") is Taurus and her Sun, Moon, and Venus are in the sign of Gemini in the second house of Taurus. Taurus Rising indicates that she is here to master the very essence of Taurus.
Taurus-rising people experience Body as a miraculous vehicle of sensuality and physical pleasure. Taurus is the Aphrodite archetype (for the purposes of this writing, "sign," "archetype," and "energy-essence" all mean the very same thing). Aphrodite (Rochelle) is "Queen-Goddess of Sensuality." She invites us to focus on Body and dance our way into an entirely new (for most people) experience of sensuality - of maximum, intense, prolonged physical-sensual pleasure! That’s what your Body wants for you, and as Rochelle attunes us to the true nature and beauty of Body (all Bodies), we come into the realization that Body is a super-sensitive receiver, carrier, and transformer of feelings/emotions.
Body is our home away from home.
As a result of her laser focus on Body, Rochelle (I call her the “Little Giant” because that’s precisely what she is) actually opens a portal to a world of vital experience, knowledge, and information. As she masters the ART of being in a physical Body, she shifts into her Gemini essence and serves as "Messenger (Mercury) for the Gods and Goddesses." In that role, she shares her base of knowledge with you, me, and the people we Love.
Rochelle is the difference between being at war or being at peace with your Body. As I see it, the message of her mission is Right Use of Body as a spectacular form of art that we are here to thoroughly enjoy. Fortunately for all of us, she’s a shepherd guiding us back home to Body asasp (as soon as spiritually possible).
And yes, that’s Body with a capital "B." That big "B" illuminates the urgency of honoring, respecting, revering, and enjoying your Body and all Bodies, including this planet, as an expression of the feminine principle and aspect of creator, aka "Mother God."
Yet Body has been de-valued because women and everything that women think, say, feel, create, and produce has been de-valued. Everything.
So we need new values. We must awaken to Body’s true value (which most of us are entirely asleep to) because that corresponds to the true value of the Feminine.
The genius Swami Beyondananda said this:

"I have some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is there is no key to the Universe.
The good news is...it was left unlocked!"

It was left unlocked.
So you don’t need a key. You need a road map. Which choice, which decision, which of the 12 paths (Aries thru Pisces) to self-knowledge is the best path for you and where is the perfect fit for your Body fit in that picture?
Now here’s the hot, breaking, even better news:
You were born with a road map!
It’s your birth chart.
Your horoscope – your astrological birth chart – is a snapshot of the Heavens when you were born. It describes which of the 12 "parts" (archetypes) you’re here to experience in this life so that ultimately, over many lifetimes, you get to experience and express ALL of your true self! My responsibility, which I gladly accept as an honor and privilege, is to ensure that you are as clear as you can be regarding your path, or what Shamanic Astrologers refer to as "the true intent of your Soul."
Similarly, Qoya is a direct avenue into the experience of your Self fully embodied here on Earth right now, guiding you to deep acceptance of all that Body is and all it offers you.
Folks, here’s a vital Truth: humanity’s mission is all about The Gemini Twins, i.e. duality and polarity – opposites!
The challenge for Humanity is to figure out how to get these mischievous little twins out of perpetual conflict – scraping and scratching, fighting and arguing, envy, jealousy, all forms of unhealthy competition – and bring both twins into “the sweetness of life”, i.e. co-operation, collaboration, and a creative, constructive, progressive way of being on Earth.
It’s only when we come to Earth (or a planet very much like Earth) that we have the opportunity to accomplish this daunting challenge.
Please hear this: The most fundamental split between the Twins is the split between Spirit and Matter. Spirit is the yang, masculine Twin, and Matter is the yin, feminine Twin. All expressions of duality, polarity, and opposites are present-day expressions of this original split between Spirit and Matter.
For a very long time, we’ve been so focused on the Father Twin that we actually forgot there is another Twin – the (M)other Twin. All of Humanity’s problems on Earth can be traced to our disconnection from Her. She is "The Great Cosmic Spirit of Nurturing," and when we forget about Her, we forget how to truly nurture ourselves and others.

“Educate girls and they will save the world.”

 Some of the other expressions of duality-polarity-opposites we’re experiencing are:
In other words, opposites are all around us. We are fully immersed in the experience of polarized opposites.  

Opposites are one thing, but extreme polarization of those opposites is another. "Extreme polarization" means to experience the most extreme polarization of The Twins that’s possible, i.e. economic, racial, political, and religious polarization.
In this present phase (this decade) of the evolution of humanity, the most important
expression of the Twins for us to focus on is Feeling (yin-feminine essence) and Thinking (yang-masculine essence).

The only time we have the opportunity to experience our deepest feeling and emotions, the deepest essence of the feminine, is when we are incarnated in a physical Body on Earth.
This experience of feeling all of our feelings is, at times, unpleasant, yet there’s no
need to fret about this because Qoya takes you there in the most pleasant way – by dancing!   
This produces yet another question: as you’re dancing (dancing! — not struggling) your way to mastery of this new awareness of Body that’s spiraling its way into you, then how does your birth chart, your blueprint, advise you to use this new sense, this Body-wisdom?
That’s where Shamanic Astrology comes in.
If the Aries-Capricorn part of you is activated in this Life, then you might feel an irresistible urge be out in the world as an activist fighting the good fight with Body as your noble cause.
If you’re running Virgo-Pisces energy, your challenge might be to recognize and acknowledge Body as sacred, and you possess the ability to broadcast (like a cellular phone signal) that sacred knowledge, making it available for anyone and everyone who voluntarily chooses to tap into it.
If you’re Cancer-Leo, you’re probably known as “Queen Mother” in your neighborhood or other sphere(s) of influence, and your challenge is to sit on your throne and glow! You honor and nurture other people’s Bodies with the sheer radiance of YOUR Body!
If, like Rochelle, you’re Taurus-Gemini, then you’ll probably feel a strong urge to be certified as a Qoya instructor and share your personal extra-ordinary experiences of Body. You practice Qoya then step into “Messenger” (Gemini) mode and teach others how to nurture their Bodies and how to actually enjoy being a Spirit-Soul incarnated in a Body.
There 144+ highly imaginative, highly unique combinations of archetypal essences like these that are possible for humans. You need to know and be clear about which of the 12 energy-essences (signs, archetypes) are activated in you to propel your personal growth and evolution.
In our upcoming (co-ed!) Evolutionary Integration Salon in Sedona, Arizona on June 9th, you can bring your birth chart so we can share with you the specific way(s) that you are to use Body-wisdom in this lifetime. Based on your chart, we might recommend certain music, books, movies, foods, drinks, cities, people, places, things and activities that will be helpful for you as you master the dance of duality with Rochelle and her teachings.  
If you’ll being joining us for the workshop but don’t have your birth chart, please email info@qoya.love the following: (1) birth date, (2) time of birth and (3) city and state (province, town, village, hamlet, etc.) of your birth, and I’ll calculate your chart so we can address the personal path to personal growth and evolution for every attendee.
In the morning half of our gathering, Rochelle will share her knowledge of body awareness and wisdom, then in the afternoon, we’ll delve into the 12 archetypes and explore how you can best use this new knowledge and awareness as you move along your path, with time for Q&A at the end. If you feel called, please join us in Sedona.
Thank you for listening. I want you to glow.
May Love have its way with you,
P.S. For more information about my work, please visit astrologyofchange.com, as well as the official Shamanic Astrology website shamanicastrology.com. For details and dates on Rochelle's Infinity Migration tour of which our salon is a part, check out qoya.love/infinitymigration.
P.P.S. If you’d like a Shamanic Astrology reading, I’m offering workshop participants a 2-hour reading at the reduced price of $204 (regular price $240).