Dear Dancers,

Let's jump right in.

Resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that:

"The Full Moon in Sagittarius May 21 (5:13pm EST) is an activation. For the last three weeks, the skies encouraged us to harness our core values and make investments to support their long-term growth in our lives. Now, we are inspired to take what we’ve consolidated and widen our sphere. What we nourished at the root is entering pollination. We enter a season of change, adaptation, and flexibility. Curiosity is peaked. Spread words and share ideas. Disseminate information. Explore a global, multicultural, multidimensional perspective. Network, adventure, and connect with people. Duality dances; opportunities arise to unite opposites. Look for the rainbow threads of commonality and expansion. Synthesize. Polarities and extremes, when harmonized and braided, create art. Enter into a conversation with life and your world. The desire to learn, understand, and grow motivates. This full moon is energetic. Feeling spurred? Anger, frustration, and heat can arise. Let them be clarifying! Let them facilitate right action. Tame rash impulse, yet firmly protect your boundaries. If conflict emerges, listen to it. Tension can stir to facilitate healthy expressions of sexuality and the masculine-feminine balance in each of us. Hear the struggle and be definitive in your movements. What fires you up? What are you passionate about defending? What action must you absolutely take now? What is your mission to contribute to the health of the globe? Get moving. Act in favor of the passions in your heart and spirit. Tend to the fire within, and keep growing."

As I read this, I felt fairly aligned with cosmic energies. The month of May is full of passionately sharing Qoya at our first Qoya Guatemala Retreat, doing the Intensive Teacher Training in California May, and then heading to share Qoya at Lightning in a Bottle.

(Can you spot me sipping cacao on my balcony below?)

And after May, I'm off on a new adventure - something my partner and I are calling the Infinity Migration.

An evolution of the summer road trip, the Infinity Migration is a passion project to Track the Evolutionary Integration of Consciousness through salon style conversations, immersive experiences and movement as metaphor. We are driving our car symbolically in the shape of an infinity loop to take the cultural pulse in 20 different cities asking the question:  

Once you have woken up to the essence of who you are and the interconnection of all things, how are you integrating that awareness into your daily life?  

There is undeniably a huge change coming through all of our lives and humanity at this time. What is before us is completely unknown.  We are all being initiated in our own ways to come into agreement with this transition. At the same time, there are whispers of empowerment that offer us the invitation like the ancients before us understood, that this is a time to dream our new world into being.

While many spiritual movements (like my own!) focus on remembering who you are, this project believes the next level of conversation is what happens after you remember who you are.

What happens after you remember that you are the Divine itself coming to experience itself...and so is everyone else?

We will invite you to look at how you are integrating your moments of awakening through embodiment, the balance of your masculine and feminine energy, and how you are co-creating a lifestyle and community that reflects your inner understanding.

We each have personally have sat down with thousands of people who have shared beautiful moments of trusting the call inside of themselves to evolve. In a retreat setting or workshop, they can feel empowered and inspired, but when they go back to the “real world,” they may lose their enthusiasm or simply forget and get weighed down in a land of distraction and obligation.

Our intention is to experience the joy of community, knowing we are not alone in dreaming a new world into being. Collaborating with local thought leaders, we will offer transformational content to inspire positive change and have important conversations about the evolutions we are all experiencing individually and collectively. At the same time, we will be compiling shareable content through various media avenues like live streaming, as well as recording audio and video that will be available on a website that will serve as a resource for all on this path (coming soon!)

We’re also going to have a lot of FUN and invite you to join us! Every moment we wake up, let’s start a habit of infusing our energy into the earth. With each event, we will be crystallizing the energy by planting a crystal back in the earth and receiving a message to create a new manuscript written specifically for navigating these blessed and challenged times. What is unique about this particular manuscript, is that we will write it TOGETHER.

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved in the project no matter where you are in the world, and also our tour schedule so far - we may be stopping in a town near you!

California Lightning in a Bottle: May 25 - 30
Minneapolis, Minnesota Initiation Training: June 2
Minneapolis, Minnesota Workshop: June 4
Sedona, Arizona Co-Ed Workshop: June 9
St. Louis Missouri Co-Ed Workshop: June 14
St. Louis Initiation Training: June 14 + 15
Kripalu Retreat in Massachussetts: June 26 - July 1
South Kingston, Rhode Island Class: July 6
South Kingston, Rhode Island Workshop: July 6

And last but not least, here is a blast from the past for your movement ritual today! A video I made myself 5 years ago when I had this dream of sharing videos and used iMovie to create it on my computer!

While many things can easily feel outdated with advancing technology and professional standards, I'm deeply grateful for my courage back then to simply put myself out there and trust that what felt right in that moment would lead me to the next. Let us embody the stirrings of passion inside us and bring action to meet them as we all remember the importance of dreaming bigger dreams.


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