Dear Soul on the other Side of the Screen,


Of course, you already knew this, but sometimes when we look into a murky mirror, we see a murky version of ourselves. It's important to do the practices that clear the mirror of our consciousness to see our essence. As we say in Qoya, to remember.  

Meditate. Dance. Pray. Do Rituals. Gather with Conscious Community. Go on a Pilgrimage. The most important thing is not what you do, but the consciousness within which you do it. The place you arrive from your doing is BEING. If you'd like ideas or recommendations on our favorite ways to do these things, click out the Qoya Book Resources pages that we created as an online supplement for the Qoya book. The most important thing is to find what works for you. What brings you back to the center of the center? This is important, because you are a light point.

The places you are called to go. The people you are called to engage with. The projects you are called to initiate and complete. Each one of the people, places or things that call you are asking for one simple thing: the gift of your light.  

Many of us have woken up from our soul sleep just in time to express ourselves and shine our light on this new moon in Aries.

Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares the New Moon in Aries April 7, 2016 (7:24am EST) marks a rebirth of self. Vive la revolucion! This moon falls on the same degree (18) as last month’s solar eclipse, triggering more awareness around deep-seated changes occurring this year. Tremendous change is afoot. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. How strong are you? Do you have the courage to forge your new path? Be brave – your new path belongs to a new world. This world is being born now. Strike out. Rise up. Catch a fire, and burn brightly. Grab hold of the horns. All over the world, people have had enough. Enough of the old model. Enough suppression. Enough surveillance. Enough corporate control. Enough patriarchal dominance. In order to eliminate these influences, we must find where they exist within ourselves. Each individual holds the key to turn new soil. Where does an old paradigm of thought and behavior still exist in you? Structures of control hide within your deepest unconscious and govern. How can you eliminate them? Overthrow inhibition and govern yourself. Just do it. Don’t wait. Break the pattern now. Be headstrong in your resistance. If you were a warrior, what would you fight for? Fight for compassion. Fight for grassroots human service. Fight for this Earth. Fight for your what you most believe in. Fight for freedom. There are many ways to fight. We can fight peacefully, yet boldly. Begin from within. Free yourself, and the light of liberation spreads to all. We are all descendants of people who forged their survival. Every human has access to a heroic spirit within. Life, in full color, is worth it. Vive la Vida! Long Live Life!

To embody the message above, do our Express Yourself Free Movement Ritual.

We are in a revolution of consciousness, and since we are all interconnected, every action we take and don't take vibrates into the world. The more you are willing to surrender to the light that you are and source from that place...well, what do you think happens?


Blessed be on all your journeys, inner and outer! If there is a part of you that's up for a last minute adventure with me and joining us in Costa Rica or Guatemala or Kripalu, here are the links to details below!

Costa Rica Collective Retreat, April 9-16, 2016
Costa Rica Co-Ed Retreat, April 16-23, 2016
Guatemala Retreat, May 7-14, 2016 with special Dance of Liberation with Parashakti!
Kripalu Retreat, June 26- July , 2016

Shine on,

P.S. I wanted to give a shout out to an amazing LIGHT POINT, John Perkins. Here I am, so happy to be hugging him! He is the author of the bestselling book Confessions of an Economic Hitman and his recent follow-up New Confessions of an Economic Hitman, who is dedicated to transforming the world into a sustainable, just, and peaceful home where all beings can thrive.

John merges his decades of experiences with shamanic indigenous wisdom to plant seeds of awakening into our hearts and minds that THIS IS A VERY EXCITING TIME TO BE ALIVE! We are living during a revolution of consciousness. What happens after you wake up and remember the essence of who you are? How do you streamline your energy to be the most channeled, direct, authentic being in congruent alignment with all life? One way is by coming back into right relationship with Self, the Earth, Each Other, and beginning to question the old paradigms that John calls the Death Economy, fueled by corporate greed. You can be part of co-creating our new world by simply changing your intention to explore the solutions that serve the highest good of All. He reminds us that if we embrace it, it can even be fun!

You can learn more about John and his work by reading his books, checking out his Youtube videos, his website, and also the non-profit he co-founded along with Lynne and Bill Twist.

You can also hear him speak and dance with me at Lightning in a Bottle, May 25-30, 2016. Tickets available now!