I like to think of it this way:

Go deep into your feminine heart and body to receive a vision for your future.

When you don't have a clear vision, keep going in.

When you do have a clear vision, employ your masculine productivity to water that seed, pull the weeds, and make plans for the upcoming harvest.

After leading Qoya retreats for the last 7 years, I felt called to continue expanding and pressing my growth edge beyond what I have done before, so I set out to offer two very unique offerings.

One was a Collective Retreat, where instead of me leading all the classes and rituals, I opened up space for the Qoya teachers who felt a call to hold more space for transformation to share their unique medicine. It was an incredible experience to feel the wisdom of the circle as 9 of us Qoya teachers held space for a group of 50 women to remember their soul's essence as wise, wild and free.

The second was the first Co-Ed Retreat to embody our masculine and feminine essence, which I am in the middle of right now. It feels like the next step in the evolution of consciousness for women who have been studying the feminine is to experience integration with our masculine and for men to deepen their reverence for the feminine within and outside of themselves. It is a powerful week to reimagine how each of us honor and embody the contrasting and complimentary energies of the masculine and feminine.

I love that these retreats have been leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio this April 22, 2016 (1:23amEST). Our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg says:

This moon invites impulse to steadiness. Earlier this month, we liberated ourselves and spurred into action. Free will is the cutting edge of creation. It’s no longer about asking “what is real?” and basing your actions off the answer. Now, ask what you can make real, and show up with dedication, consistency, and perseverance. Place a solid foundation underneath your desires. You are the gardener of your life. Plants cannot grow without sunlight, water, good soil to root in, and steady attention. Allow your hunger to become your devotion, and awaken into love. Your authentic desires give way to unusual, remarkable beauty. This beauty contains a unique imprint that enriches our world. No man is an island. Take hands with those who share complementary visions. Connect with a wider sphere. Money, love relationships, and community are useful tools for self-actualization. What is self-actualization? It is the motive to realize one’s fullest potential. Why else are you here? “You have the ability to become your potentialities, to express and activate all the capacities of your organism.” Carl Rogers. What a remarkable undertaking. In Love!

Action without vision lacks fulfillment. Vision without action is stagnation. Vision with action is progress. The time for progress is now! In our individual lives, in our relationships, in our circles of influence and beyond. This full moon is calling us to tend the garden of our vision in a physical, tangible, measurable way.  

It is ok to experiment. It is ok to begin. In creating a new world that resonates with the truth in our body, we receive so much information through our experience. Imagine a permission slip to live into your calling. Imagine there is enough space in this world to trust what you feel divinely guided to do, and then do it.

I often invite dancers to look at their movement as metaphor. The reason we focus so much on embodiment is to feel as much physical sensation of truth in the body in class, so that when you step out of class you can use the feeling in your body as a compass to guide you.  

Do this movement ritual to get back into your body and then once you have that feeling, trust it as you move forward. Keep coming back to your body through movement to receive insight, wisdom, and visions for your creation, then keep taking action on what you hear.  

The rewards may very well include external validation, but the biggest reward will be a moment when you listened to, honored and integrated a message from your soul.