Dear Spirit Infused into Form,

Do you like being addressed like that? As a Spirit infused into form?

Infusing spirit into form isn't only the basis of the human experience, it's also what inspired the creation of Lifestyle of Reverence.  

I love asking the question, "How do you infuse the sacred into form and make it tangible?"

From our perspective at Qoya, that's the whole point. Embodiment is when your infinite spirit embarks on the adventure of exploring life through the senses of an ever-changing, mortal, physical body with the intention to be an active participant in the evolution of consciousness at this time.  

The journey can be tricky, because many things in the world tempt us to forget.
Luckily, there are also many things that inspire us to remember.

Like movement.
Like ritual.
Like community.
Like pilgrimage.

I heard a voice during a meditation one day that said, "You have to give people something to hold onto. Teach people how to anchor consciousness in objects, so that in the midst of powerful transformative moments in their life, they can infuse the energy into an object that can help hold the awareness of the gift of that moment."  

You may forget, but every time you see that pendulum, read the wise, wild and free on your tank top, or feel your fingers on the mantra infused mala, the object becomes a portal for your spirit to remember.

We're it working? Are the physical, tangible offerings from Lifestyle of Reverence anchoring the sacred more into your life? It may be your angel wings, your Pound pendulum, reading Qoya the book or using your despacho kit.

We'd love to see images of you with things you've gotten from Lifestyle of Reverence and hear from you how they have anchored an aspect of spirit into form in your life, so we're doing a little giveaway!  

Simply post your photos on Facebook and Instagram and tag @lifestyleofreverence, use the hash tag #lifestyleofreverence, and make sure to follow us as well (@lifestyleofreverence) to be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card! We will draw the winner on the next Full Moon on April 22nd.

Want to enter more than once? You can! For those of you who have read the book, I would be eternally grateful if you would post a review of the book on Amazon. If you do so, let us know at and we'll also enter you in our drawing!

Thank you for supporting us in our first few months of sharing Lifestyle of Reverence with the world. It has been such a blessing to have another way to share and anchor our message of love in our community.

Because embodying love is the best way to infuse spirit into this world...

With love,