Dear Sisters and Brothers Walking/Dancing Alongside One Another On This Forever Road,

After three weeks of Qoya retreats in Hawaii, it was an honor to witness each woman being initiated into the beauty and magnificence of the island as a mirrored invitation to wake up to Her own inner beauty and cosmic magnificence, embodying that universal energy that every person expresses in their own individually unique way. Every woman there also was invited into deep healing like a riptide that comes under the surface of the sea and pulls you out from shore. In those tender trying times, we practice not to panic in the immensity of feeling a touch of the infinite, and learn how to trust our small and eternal self/Self swimming together in the sea of all creation. 

Life offers us so many experiences, so many portals, so many doorways, so many dances. My passion has often been exploring what are the practices, who are the people, where are the places, that can bring us back to the center of the center, the truest of the true, the rhythm of the heart beat. What force beats that drum?

One practice that emerged around the fire was sharing the Hawaiian prayer and blessings to make things right called ho'oponopono.

The way it was shared with us is as a simple prayer to be recited:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

I offer this prayer to you as we approach our full moon eclipse. These memorable markers in the sky are ideal times for setting intentions, doing ceremonies, bringing consciousness to how we feel, and aligning our action with purpose and love.  

To bring more context and understanding of the influence of the stars above as it reflects the light and shadow within, our resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares here:

The Full Moon in Libra March 23, 2016 (8:01am EST) is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Earth, moving between the Sun and the Moon, casts a shadow. In our lives, we have a chance to glimpse the shadow self. We must know our whole selves; light, dark, and everything in between. We all cast shadows. Our darknesses dance and sway, like trees on a horizon, adding contrast and dimension to our light. Let the shadows teach you. One person’s blind spot is another person’s full view. Through this eclipse, something once hidden in the subconscious mind emerges into consciousness. It is a moment of self-disclosure. Everything is a mirror. You are being reflected. What do you see? Embrace this new awareness. When you honestly experience yourself in all ways, you are making love. You are a warrior of love. To live this, know yourself. Your weakness is your strength. Your vulnerability is courageous. Your falsehood contains a deeper truth. Your limitation is your portal to growth. Today, look into the eyes of another and see that these eyes are your own. Beyond relationship, this moon tells a story of faith. “As far as we can discern,” writes Carl Jung, “the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” What and who are meaningful to you? Your desires are telling. Decide what you believe in, and marry yourself to that. Blaze a trail to bring more of it into the world.

Today in Qoya, breathe and set an intention. Do a duality dance to honor both your shadow and your light. Let them come together: both are you. Free dance yourself blazing love into this world!

May the courage to look into the dark bring you a wholeness, an initiation into the resilience of your truest identity as love.  

For those of you who have the courage to feel the tenderness of these times, may you send a blessing out to all those who are suffering, that they may be comforted.

And for those of you that are part of this Qoya community, I ask from my heart to yours, to offer a dance, a prayer, a moment of silence, an expansion of your Self into the air to honor the shining light that embodied in two beautiful young boys named Patrick and Logan. Their mother Lindsay, a Qoya teacher, light worker, healer and passionate embodiment of the divine feminine, earth mother and wisdom keeper is embarking upon a journey that will go deeper than many of us could ever imagine going as she grieves the physical loss of her young boys in a tragic fire and simultaneously honors the light of love that they were, are and will forever be.  

As we gather together through movement, ritual, community and pilgrimage in Qoya, the intention is always, to remember.  To remember together. To courageously stand and dance side by side as awakened beings who remember the original intent of humanity, to come into this unique time and space and potentially touch our infinity, then to live the human experience by feeling all of it. Trusting beyond the tangible measurable rational ways of this world, trusting the call of the soul that carries us as we all flow along the river of our own life, back to the ocean. Back to love. Here in love, we pray.  

There is a post of Lindsay’s that has resurfaced on Facebook from a few months ago where she writes:

“Snuggling with Patrick as he goes down to sleep tonight... "Just remember Mom, that time and space is just an illusion... That will be helpful whenever you feel sad." #1 - what bright illuminating star did this child come from? #2 - what did I/we do to bring him in? #3 - he has no idea that tomorrow I drive to PA to love my Grandfather through his next transition, his next becoming, his next capture illumination, passing through earthly realms to another...Words of Wisdom through a 9 year old boy..."

To learn more and offer your support, you can click here to make a donation and stay connected to updates. 

As you read this newsletter, notice how tragedy re-sensitizes us in a world that is often de-sensitized.  All of a sudden, the breeze that comes through is more poetic. The smile from a stranger is more needed. The lingering losses in our lives are more real and the embraces of ones we love are that much more healing.

While supporting and loving those who are directly affected, we also feel the engraved invitation to look our own mortality in the eye, to honor the precious fragility of life itself, and in the strangest moments, maybe even catch a glimpse of the eternal part of ourselves hanging out in the infinite space of our peripheral vision.

I want to say thank you to all of my community and especially all of the Qoya women who have led prayer circles, organized donations, made offerings, and held an unconditional space of loving. It is in the most tender, raw, and vulnerable moments of our lives that we begin to understand the importance of our spiritual efforts to remember the essence of who we are, be humble in the face of all courageous souls who journey into the body and beyond it, and expand our capacity to savor our authentic connections in community, knowing we are not alone. Beyond being all in this together, we are One. May the love between us grow stronger even here. Especially here.

I encourage you to dance, to pray in your own way, and if you are inspired, to offer a ho'oponopono prayer of healing out into the ether. Here is mine.

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry for all the moments that made us question our faith in God, Goddess, The Divine, The Universe, Love, Truth, Beauty.

I am so sorry for all the new age teachings that ever insinuated that if we could have done something differently, we could have escaped some form of tragedy, betrayal, loss, pain.

I am so sorry that we live in a culture that at times has lost reverence for life and forgotten the importance of educating one another how to look death in the eye as we and the ones we love travel through it and beyond it.

Please forgive me.

Please forgive me for the times when I also forget, when I am so intimate with my own life, I am not as sensitive to yours.

Please forgive me for when I sense there is something underneath the surface of the conversation, and I do not honor it, I do not look you in the eye, slow down, and dive into the ocean of what sparks the fire of our collective existential ache.

Please forgive me for bringing the shadows to light and please forgive me for when I don’t. Please know I, like you, am doing the best I can to be comfortable in an often uncomfortable intensity of being a sensitive human being in this world, at this time.

I love you.

I love you for being here! I bow to your courageous soul. I savor your radiant light. I am enchanted by the beauty of the love you are.

I love you the most when you are the most honest with me. I love you more when you are not. I love the dance we share between the desire to express authentically and protect the most sacred center of our own tender heart.

I love you because I know that you stand for love. I just know it. I know this is why you are here. Why we are here. And like I said before, I love that you are here.

I thank you.

I thank you for your willingness to expand your heart wider than your mind could ever imagine and honor the immense blessings and immense challenges in living a human life.

I thank you for the part of you that is willing to be awoken. The part that is willing to break, to break open. The part of you that can embrace humanity while staying connected to your infinity.

I thank you for dancing. I thank you for every moment of consciousness that you are able to witness and simultaneously feel the dance of separation and union, light and dark, male and female, sunrise and sunset, water and fire, earth and air, hope and despair, fear and trust, but always, all-ways, love.

Blessings to you on this Full Moon in Libra with a Lunar Eclipse. which is likely going to feel destabilizing. Strengthen your nervous system in the ways that work for you. And like Rumi says, “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” I’m pretty sure dancing and standing can be interchanged here equally.  

Praying for you, for me, for All of Us.

With love,