Dr. Anne Davin, a pivotal thought leader on the evolution of consciousness integrating indigenous wisdom into the modern day psychological landscape with a PhD in Depth Psychology and decades of experience in service to psyche and spirit (also the author of the forward to my book!), once said to me:

"The old paradigm of leadership is where a leader takes up all the space and inspires others to emulate themselves. The new paradigm of leadership is where a leader doesn't take up all the space, but creates space for others to rise."  

This deeply impacted me.

Like so many things in Qoya that I value, it just felt true in my body. This new paradigm of leadership is important, because it is an indication of what happens naturally when you recognize your true self. When you remember your innate essence is wise, wild and free, you are better able to recognize and remember another's innate essence that is wise, wild and free.

The ego interprets through judgment, comparison and hierarchy. The heart embraces with understanding, compassion and love.  

With an awakened awareness, everyone is a teacher. A mirror. A voice. A heart. A dancer. Another aspect of your Self.

How much can we learn and grow together when the container is spacious enough for everyone to be exactly who they are and valued for their unique gifts? Let's find out.

Today is the perfect day. Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg writes that the New Moon in Aquarius, February 8, 2016 at 9:39am EST marks Lunar Imbolc, the halfway point between winter and spring. Imbolc means “in the belly,” referring to lambs growing in the bellies of their mothers. Underneath, in the unseen darkness, something is quickening. Seeds and bulbs are growing in the soil of the dark Earth, silently preparing to sprout. In the infinite cavern of collective consciousness, a new paradigm waits to emerge. This moon is the beginning of a Chinese New Year: the year of the Fire Monkey. Fire is hot, illuminating and ascending, reaching towards spirit and sky. Sky is boundless. Monkey is playful, dexterous, curious, and dynamic. Like monkey, go out on a limb! Expect the unexpected. Employ courage and boldness. Old fears and limitations are now obsolete. Experiment with life. Be faithful to enduring truth. Combine reason and intuition, and risks will be rewarded. Let us join together and innovate for progressive change. Change is happening. Change is here. Together, we make change. We are change.

What does this mean in terms of the new paradigm of leadership?

This new paradigm is not only emerging, it is here. How do you become more a part of it? You need not look any further than simply how you are living your own life. Trust the stirrings of curiosity, the call to create, the knowing in your bones. Bring it into the transformational fire of action. Dance like the flames in the ceremony of living attuned to what feels resonantly true. Put yourself in situations where the energy of the group is collaborative and honoring of All. Create situations where the energy of the group is collaborative and honoring of All.  

Every chapter in the Qoya book offers the stories of my adventures and misadventures in interfacing with topics like going out in the world, trusting the physical sensation of truth in your body, doing your sacred work, following the call of your soul, living your life with devotion, and going into your inner world, to remember your light, your essence, that is wise, wild and free.  Each chapter then has a movement to explore the ideas through embodiment, a ritual, a community connection exercise, and a pilgrimage. The community connection exercises are incredible blueprints for creating sisterhood circles where the value of the gathering is not focused solely on learning from the singular leader but on the magic that lives in the collective of the circle.

This Spring, we are doing our first Qoya Collective Retreat (April 9-16, 2016) where 9 Qoya teachers will be offering all the women who join an opportunity to be part of a true community, where there is an invitation andencouragement for each individual person's wisdom, creativity and passion to shine. Our collective intention is to embody Anne Davin's description of new leadership - not taking up all the space, but creating space for everyone to rise. Rooms are filling up and it's only 2 months away, so click here to learn more if you're called to join.

Whether it is in Costa Rica or in your living room, the consistent message that Qoya offers is through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. We remember the feeling of truth in our bodies, and by doing movement, we begin to not only remember, but memorize that feeling and place it as north on our compass as we navigate our lives reclaiming our intuitive felt sense. We trust ourselves more deeply, which allows us to trust life more deeply.

How do we go deeper?
Through feeling.
Through feeling in the body.
There is a depth that can rarely be conveyed in words, because it is better known as a feeling.

For today's new moon movement ritual, Go Deeper into your body, deeper into the calling you feel.  Breathe as deeply as possible to feel as deeply as possible. There is a message that your soul has for you and it speaks most clearly through your body.

In this 15 minute movement ritual, you are invited to open your heart, open your hips, and then create a labyrinth in your living room to journey deeper inside for guidance on this NEW time and your role in this NEW paradigm.

The new is now.

Let's dance like it.

With love,

P.S. Our Collective Retreat on April 9-16th is also the very best retreat to do the Initiation Teacher Training, because you will be able to take Qoya classes with 9 different teachers! For those who are interested or have any questions, please reach out to info@qoya.love, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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