February 14th-21st, 2016 is a Week of Qoya.Love.

(It's more than being excited about our new web domain, but how incredible is .love vs .com?)

To celebrate the launch of the Qoya book, join us for 46 classes in 42 cities and 9 countries.

This book and these classes are for all who feel the call to explore the language beyond words and ideas and expand our capacity to communicate through the experience of feeling truth in our bones.

To dance.

Dance becomes the embodied metaphor. We are not moving in a way that feels good and true, expansive and expressive, authentic and empowered - releasing inhibitions and embracing our lives exactly as they are - in an hour or so long dance class.

We are training spiritual warriors to do this in their daily lives. To stand for what they believe in. To stand for themselves. Most importantly, to stand for love.

I am honored at all the Qoya teachers who have stepped forward to share their gifts, stand for love, and celebrate my first book.

Join us in the dance.