What if someone told you the world is spiraling towards impending doom and destruction and that the prophecies of this time are to break down the old systems that do not serve the highest good of all? Would you get that fight, flight, or freeze feeling in your body?

What if someone told you the world is re-birthing itself into an inevitable fifth dimensional reality where polarity is no longer necessary as a teacher? What if they promised that if you keep doing your energetic practices, you can levitate your consciousness above all that does not appear as love and magically one day ascend to a land with perennial sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns? Would you feel relieved in some ways and simultaneously suspicious?

In Qoya (and many other empowering spiritual approaches), the following idea asks for your complete presence because the idea is: no one can tell you. You, ALL OF YOU -- your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, your energetics, your spirit -- YOU must go on a journey to find what resonates as truth to you.

Of course, we do not exist as islands, so this is not an excuse to disrespect anyone else's truth or be an adversary to those around you. Compassion remains the key to open locked doors. It is not encouragement to be ignorant of the wisdom inside of everyone else's experiences from the past or walking alongside you.

However, this is a strong spiritual mandate to slow down and feel enough to know how you feel about your life, the world, and your next right action. Beyond your first reactionary impulses, go deep into the wise, wild and free soul voice that in the midst of the unknown, reverently, perhaps with trepidation, but ultimately with excitement says, "Let's go on a journey."

Just like in the story of Siddhartha the Buddha, he could not stay in the comfort of his palace unaware of the suffering of the world. He had to go on a journey to find out what life was for himself, through his lived experience. You can consciously choose to embrace your life as a soulful journey or external life events can force this introspection to marry your movement through this world with meaning, but as far as I can tell, we all must journey.

Now is a time to expand our journey from the perceived predictable momentum tunnel of the known into the pure potentiality that lives in the unknown. We humbly surrender. We grieve the loss. We activate our strength. We gather again in tribes. As Joseph Campbell says, "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Herein lies the medicine of this new moon.

Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th (7:18am EST) boldly goes where none have gone before. Seeking strange new worlds, new life, and new civilizations. Where lies the final frontier? We access it through our bodies, our travels, and our lived experiences. We access it through engaging with things foreign. We access it through interpreting symbols. Through continued surrender and releasing the past, and hopeful welcoming of the future. Through faithfully embracing all that is grace. We humans are animals. Animals have uncanny instincts. They track the subtle. They seek clues in their environment. They listen to the rumblings of the wild within. In this way, keen self-knowledge is the compass of navigation. Sometimes, we must lose ourselves in order to find the path of our soul's journey. Embark. Envision the new mission. Track your hunches into learning landscapes. Open all of your senses. When we lose ourselves, we find each other. And we find a love that stirs beneath and between the threads of all. Well-worn, yet undiscovered territory, the eternal.

Normally here is where I would encourage you to do a free fifteen minute movement ritual. If you really love those, I recommend this one for this New Moon: Loving the Journey.

However, in the spirit of following the beat of our own drum and tuning into our more primal animal instincts to guide us like Virginia mentions, I invite you to go on a little journey with me:

#1) Identify an animal totem that is most present in your life right now. Different creatures arrive in our lives at different times. Sometimes we cross them on the street, like I did with an owl yesterday! Sometimes they come to us in a dream. Sometimes we pull a spirit animal guide oracle card. It's up to you. Tune in and see what animal feels the most present right now.

#2) Watch a video of that animal. Visit Youtube university and see your animal in action.

#3) Do a Labyrinth to connect with that animal in the center. Here are instructions for making and doing a labyrinth from page 67 of my book, and you can also use the videos below to guide you:

Walking a Labyrinth

STEP ONE: To begin, set the sacred space: light a candle, burn sage, or say a prayer, whatever way is best for you.

STEP TWO: Stand at the entrance of the labyrinth with an inten- tion. As you make your way toward the center, let all of your questions, doubts, and fears come up. Feel yourself as asking, curious and seeking for an an- swer. Allow your body to experience the labyrinth in real time: the texture of the carpet under your feet, the angle of light across your shoulders, the smell of the wet ocean wind.

STEP THREE: When you arrive in the center, pause. Sit. Soften. Surrender. Let yourself be held, seen, and loved in the sacred center of the labyrinth. Stay as long as you need - longer than you think. Consider putting your forehead humbly on the ground while you imagine pouring out your worries, anxieties, and doubt. Re- lease all that binds you until all that no longer serves you is gone.

STEP FOUR: When your inner voice tells you you're complete, begin to rise from the center and walk out. As you walk over your past footsteps, open yourself to re- ceive. Give your inner voice an opportunity to share what it longs to remind you of. Sometimes the mes- sages don't come clearly or quickly. Slow down and allow time to keep dancing. Through movement, we remember - not through furrowed-brow analysis. Keep dancing and moving and letting your body guide you and trust that you will hear exactly what you need to hear today.

If you had an experience of accessing your inner wisdom, fantastic! If you didn't, you took the first step in being open to the idea that you could. Be patient and kind with yourself on this journey inward and keep the faith that the source of inner wisdom is alive and well within you, looking for you as much as you are looking for it.

Thank you. Thank you for reading this words. Thank you for dancing this dance. Thank you for every time you do the practices to access your own inner wisdom and listen to it. Because undoubtedly that most true voice in your heart only ever has one goal -- to bring more love into the world.

And so we do.

May all our journeys lead us back to love,


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