Dear Dancers of the Dance,

A lot has happened since our last cycle of the moon.

Many are shocked and disoriented from the results of the American Presidential election triggering PTSD from past hurts and inciting fear of the future. In the midst of these challenges, there has also been a spark ignited to wholeheartedly commit to co-creating the world we want to live in.

For many of us, activism, service, and participation felt optional. Somewhat unexpectedly, we have all now been thrust into what a friend said to me this week with his eyes and with his words, "Welcome to our Brave New World."

Living a reflective life, we are always learning to harmonize our inner world with the outer world. The Self and The Other.

There is a lot of fear about who rules our collective country, influencing the world. This mirrors the tender core of our understanding of who rules within. How are we disempowered by something outside of ourselves? How courageous and risk-taking are we committed to being in service to love in the face of that external force?

Qoya means Queen.

Not a bejeweled, emotionally distant, placeholder of inherited patriarchal political structure.

Not Queen as a modern version of an official holding hierarchical political power.

In Quechan, Qoya translates as Queen; a feminine manifestation of higher consciousness.

This is about sovereignty.

Never before have the prayer offerings in Qoya to commune with the power of movement, ritual and community been more important.

All of the initiations we've been through already -- to trust love (even here), to know how to calm the mind, heart, body and nervous system (even here), and to see the sacred at play (even here) -- will serve us in the unfolding power of the forever now. 

Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg offers the following for this Full Moon:

November 14th's Full Moon in Taurus (9:52am) is Historic. This full moon is a time of transformation. Emotional and physical attachments are highlighted and asked to reconcile. Our attachments can be healthy investments that allow for stable growth, or they can be habitual comforts that stagnate our development. This moon illustrates a stand-off between old and new. A patriarchal status quo confronts a radical populace. Ingrained behaviors inside your life are encouraged to take a different tack. The builder meets the saboteur. Peace and crisis wrestle. Greed and issues of power come into focus. Poison can be medicine: what matters is usage and dose. Enormous inexhaustible power awaits us all, but we need to know where to focus. Let us reach towards the renewable resource within. Beneath fluctuation, between definable lines. The ineffable source that persists in Holy emptiness. Many shamanic and alchemical traditions advise 'practicing death' as a way to enhance life. What does this mean? Stepping out of known realms and into the mystery. Releasing, in small and large ways, who you used to be and embracing new identities and life conditions. When we die without loss, we find eternity.

"Knowing others is intelligence;

knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

mastering yourself is true power."

--Tao Te Ching

Whatever you are thinking, take it as a dance partner. LITERALLY.

Bring whatever you are feeling into your body to reclaim the sovereignty that lives in the force of what animates your breath, strengthens your bones, and manifests as your body.

Your body is what allows your eternal spirit to come into this temporary ever-changing experience of life. I believe your body also holds incredible wisdom on how to navigate your way through your experience of life. 

Listen to the most true voice inside of yourself so that we can all better listen to the most true voice inside of others.

Remember to remember,


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P.S. Come dance with us!


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