Here's a recipe you may want to consider.

STEP 1) Honor your grief. You don't have to force it. It doesn't really work that way. But if you sit still for a little while, something may happen. When the numbness of being so busy falls away and you can take the true grief in the heart of your heart and offer it the gift of your attention.

STEP 2) Place your grief into the bowl of your body. Allow yourself to feel. The fear is often that if we feel it, we will be unable to come out of it, we will be utterly consumed, unable to manage the emotions of living a human life. This is underestimating the inherent powers of the human heart to heal, to rise and to love -- again and again.

STEP 3) Connect to your ancestors of alchemy from the past, those alongside you now, those coming after you, and ALL who have become emotional alchemists. Martin Prechtel writes in the dedication of his book The Smell of Rain on Dust, "For all the people and feeling beings of the world, who by grieving the loss of what they love, make more life with the beauty of its expression." You are one of those people. I am one of those people. We are these people who practice emotional embodied alchemy.

STEP 4) Invoke magic with ceremony. Let your awareness awaken into the cosmic call of this time through movement, ritual and community.

There is a difference between nodding your head to an email or skimming it as you hurriedly check your email multi-tasking doing other things. I know. I do that, too.

But, if you are reading THIS SENTENCE and you find yourself in THIS MOMENT reading a blog about EMBODIMENT, I encourage you to have an embodied experience of this offering. 

Here are some suggestions:

1) Here is a 12 minute movement ritual, The Art of Alchemy: Stay Open to help you set your intention, wake up the creative power in your hips (Qoya teacher Elan recently said, "Since our hips are what birth all creation into this world, I would follow them anywhere!"), and then dance with your ability to believe in alchemy, transformation in its own perfect timing.

2) Invite all the elements into a ritual -- earth, air, fire, water. One suggestion is draw yourself a bath with hot water, offer epsom salts as crystallized earth, light a candle to see the flame dance, then put some delightful scents into the air. Burn sage or palo santo, then let your body be the container through which the alchemy takes place. Make meaning out of your offerings. Light your candle and presence your intention by speaking it out loud. With the salts, ask specifically to release what is standing between you and your intention. With the scents, trust the healing power of beauty and ease to expand your capacity to believe that you are supported on this journey. When you enter the water, remember we all came from the water. Before our first breath, we spent 9 months in a watery womb. Go back to the beginning, let yourself start again, and be nurtured by the element that nurtured you from your inception. As you honor the nature of the elements outside of yourself, perhaps a memory may occur of your own powerful nature.

3) Meditate on these words from our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg who says, The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30, 2016 (1:38pm EST) is supernatural. At first glance, 'supernatural' phenomena seem to depart from what is normal and tangibly understood. It transcends the measurable. But let's break down the word. 'Super' means large, powerful, of high grade or quality. And 'natural' means coming from nature (not made by people). What if 'supernatural' phenomena is actually incredibly natural? The entire natural world is made of magic. We humans, as extensions of nature, are inherently magical beings. Magic exposes the reality hidden within all things. This New Moon is hypnotic and holds powerful mystical benefits. Today is a day for trance. Deep inner research. Close emotional and psychic bonds. Intuitive and psychic abilities are heightened. Spiritual communication is readily obtainable. Practice lucid dreaming. Pay homage to the ancestral intelligence alive in your DNA. Throughout history, people have used altered states of consciousness to access ancient knowledge and connect to their inherent power. The power within you belongs not to you, but to your legacy. It flows from your ancestors into your cells, and will be passed through your being onto all that your soul touches and recreates. You come as one, but you stand as 10,000: endlessly regenerating alchemical energy.

"We are here to unravel the mystery of this planet. The planet is asking for it."

--Yoko Ono

STEP 5) This one is up to you. Listen to the wisdom from your body when you move. Listen to the wild courage to love in your heart during your ceremony. Listen to the constructive (vs. destructive) voice of the mind that offers true insight, serves your inherent goodness, and remembers the path to freedom.

Blessed be on all your journeys inner and outer and blessings for a magnificent new moon!

With love,


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