Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I invite you to gather with me around the fire. Have a seat and rest your bones.


Now we will all inhale together and exhale together and see ourselves and one another more clearly by the light of the fire, even through it may be dark this night.

If we get closer to the flame, the light illuminates our true faces and helps us acknowledge that human desire to be in a circle of support and be part of a community in which we feel supported authentically.

Together, we honor the accelerating changes in our individual lives and our world by knowing we are not alone in our courage to rise nor our struggles to keep up.

In the midst of an evolutionary cocoon, the initiation of these times is to transcend the limited beliefs that hold us back. One of the primary beliefs many of us must overcome is, "I'm not enough," or feeling like you have to get through whatever is going on alone.

The portal of possibility in this moment — right now as you read these words — is to acknowledge the pulse of your lineage. Here are a few support systems to consider recognizing, strengthening and leaning into:

1) Call on all the ancestors that have come before you, who have made the courageous journey of embodiment and traveled beyond it. It may be your family, it may be a spiritual tradition, or it may be calling on a lineage of light, honoring all of those who have been on earth serving love.

2) Wake up to all those who are walking this path alongside you RIGHT NOW, known and unknown. Make a list of all the people in your life who believe in you, encourage your growth, comfort you in your sorrow and simultaneously stand for your strength. Make another list of all the people in this world who share your belief system, who are doing work with the intention to serve the highest good of all. There really are SO MANY OF US! Consider adding the energetic realm of angels, guides, ascended masters, and ethereal guardians to your list. They are always there, simply waiting for you to ask. Because we live in a free will universe, this etheric team of support can only act on your behalf when you invite them sincerely and consistently. Close your eyes for one deep breath and ask them for help right now as we all feel the fire of transformation fueling our hearts.

3) Stay connected to your path by having awareness of who you are serving. Who benefits from your transformation? Who are you making the world a better place for? Can you imagine what you do or don’t do affecting the next seven generations of courageous souls who come to earth? What will be introduced to them about the nature of this world? What will be the legacy of love that you leave in your offerings to nature, in the sharing of your stories, in the work that you make happen, in the songs and dances of devotion through which you pray?

As our Qoya resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg offers, this Full Moon in Aries on October 16 (12:23am EST) is a metamorphosis. Can you feel it rising up, even as the leaves fall? Forms are changing. Diversification reigns. The conversion process taking place is unstoppable. We’ve all heard the phrase: “Change is the only constant.” It may seem like these changes are sudden, but in truth, they are cumulative. Conversions taking place now are innovations that have been building over the past six years. Break down to break through. This Full Moon could feel like riding full force into the wild unknown. We may feel caught in an electric storm of chaos. Many changes stem from forces that are bigger than us. While the shifts may feel involuntary, we can choose to adapt. Be flexible. Let go of attachment and control. Currents of the future are joining with us now. Ephemera we have never previously imagined are now dancing at our side. In this collective cycle:

“We are caught between worlds: part of many and belonging to none."

—Elias Lonsdale

The time is now for alchemy. Bulk your bravery and choose what to defend. Explore the shadow to uncover the secrets and mysteries that await transformation.

"The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join in the dance."

—Alan Watts

I’ve heard mothers talk about giving birth and this moment when they are not forcing themselves to push in labor. Instead, the force arises from within them, and it is a force that cannot be ignored.

When your clarity arises after the fire has burned away any illusions, your courage will be necessary. Transformation requires you to expand beyond what you think you know. It requires a mental leap of faith to trust the intuitive feeling in the body to remember the essence of who we are.

Anchor your courage into the body through this video, The Courage to Stay True. Even when your mind struggles, your body remembers.

Another way to honor and support transformation is to use crystals. I like to say, "The crystal remembers even when you forget." You don't have to use anything fancy - any stone that is meaningful to you will do. Once you find a stone that feels right, you can blow your intention into it to infuse it with the energy of what you'd like to anchor in, then keep it near your body, carrying it in your pocket, tucked in your bra, worn as jewelry, or in your bag.

To honor this moon cycle, I'm offering a discount on the Kyanite Shamaness Necklace (I'm wearing it in the picture!) if you're feeling the call for something to wear as a talisman. Kyanite is one of the only stones on the planet that neither attracts nor retains negative energy, and it will support your natural state of well-being during this time of change.

Another suggestion to honor this transformative time is to light a candle at your altar or do a fire ceremony.

With love and blessings, because we are stronger together,


P.S. Come dance with us!


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