Dear Dancers and Prancers (as well as Comets and Cupids),

Hi! It's such an honor to be able to write words and have you read them. Such an honor to co-create paradigms that revere the embodiment of the feminine together. Such an exciting time to imagine more of us dancing and inspiring those around us to dance, literally and figuratively. Dancing with our lives. With art. With movement. Most importantly, with love.

Resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that this Full Moon in Cancer, December 25, 2015 (6:11am EST) is a cosmic Christmas gift. We haven’t seen a full moon on Christmas Day since 1977! Feeling sensitive? On this moon, we long to feel safe and secure in a cozy nest. Things that are familiar feed our hearts most. Family, traditions, warm meals shared fresh out of the oven. Remember when…

This moon stirs memories of the environments that shaped us from a young age. Nature or nurture? Which came first, chicken or the egg? Honor your heritage. Which traditions do you intend to carry forth into the next generation? Take nourishment from your roots. Learn from your past, and lean into resolve for what you plan to accomplish as we move into another calendar year. Yes, you are a member of your family - and you are a uniquely independent individual, an entire revolution and cosmos all to yourself. Are there habits and patterns you’ve inherited that you feel compelled to break? This moon features a cosmic wake-up call. Something unexpected shakes up dust. Sometimes we go back home and expect it to be the same, only to find something radically different in its place. Make space in yourself for change to be a reality.

Long inhale. Long exhale. Whatever you are feeling right now, you will feel better if you take 10-15 minutes to express how you feel through your body. Just like you would answer the question, "How are you" to a trusted friend, imagine spilling all your secrets to the sun this week of the Winter Solstice. Express how you are feeling through the language of your body just like you would through words. In the spirit of the astrological energy of this day, create a meaningful movement ritual for you that honors the unique blessings and challenges of this moment in time. Here are some different Qoya videos to choose from to create your own ritual or to use as inspiration as you trust yourself to make up your own. 

Intention Setting


Heart Opening

Hip Opening

Dancing Your Yoga as Prayer

Shadow Dance


Free Dance!
Any song that you love or call on the oracle of shuffle!

Through movement, we remember.
Today is a beautiful day for that.

With love,