Dear Qoya Tribe,

Qoya means Queen. Not a bejeweled, emotionally distant, woman of inherited power, but a woman, or the feminine aspect of a man who remembers. Who is sovereign. Who is interdependent and reverent of the interconnection of all things. Who is embodying her essence as wise, wild and free. In Quechuan, the indigenous language of the Andes and shamans in Peru, Qoya means a feminine manifestation of higher consciousness. What is higher consciousness? LOVE. It's not about powerful kings or queens reigning over this world; it's about love reigning over this world. It begins with the benevolent king and queen within us becoming sovereign over Self.  

Resident Qoya Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that this Full Moon in Leo, January 23, 2016 (8:46pm EST) requests your sovereignty. Show your true colors. All of them. You are a shiny magnificent being. The extent to which your brightness radiates depends on what shadows you allow to surface. Your light appears dull if not played against a saturated darkness. Deep insights around your past and inner workings are available to you now. Thoughts and words are powerful. You are Creator in life. Life refracts through your conscious and unconscious minds. Let them interface. Have important conversations. Speak from your heart, and say what is true in your story. Something is ready to be released and transformed. Eliminate what you don’t need. Establish boundaries and commitments around what you do need. Make it so simple. Lay down your burden. Have the courage to lighten UP. You are the master of your domain!

Enjoy this free 15 minute Qoya Movement Video to Let Your Lovelight Shine!

As you infuse the energy of this full moon into your life, imagine making decisions as if you were sovereign of your highest, deepest, most true Self. Because the good news is, you actually already are.

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We've had an amazing time in Costa Rica the last two weeks and are excited to come back in April for the Qoya Collective Retreat from April 9-16 and the first Co-Ed Retreat to Embody the Masculine and Feminine from April 16-23, 2016. If you feel the call to come, we'd love to have you, and also please write us with any questions you may have!

With big love,