Being a dancer, I have a thing for musicians. On one fall day a few years ago, I had plans for a date, and this particular musician pulled a Houdini - or as the New York Times recently referenced, he "ghosted" me. Like Houdini, he disappeared, and only the ghostly, intangible, untouchable idea of him remained.

Luckily, my friend Kassidy Brown (co-founder of We Are the XX and birthday girl this weekend) was around to console me. After crying and collapsing into despair, I had an idea. What about catharsis?  

She had a projector, so we pulled up one of his concert videos on Youtube, made this man life-sized in the room, and I tragically and dramatically embodied my desperate desire like a shameless fan in the front row trying to get backstage. Then something happened - as soon as I felt all of the raw tender source of sadness, I was relieved of it and I started hysterically laughing at the cosmic joke of it all.

There's a frequently used saying, "You have to feel it to heal it." It may seem trite, but it's pretty true. Avoiding emotions gives them power over us, but the conscious engagement with your shadow self as a dance partner, embracing all of yourself, reintroduces you to your wholeness.

Cue: Full Super Moon in Aries with a total lunar eclipse!

Qoya teacher and Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that the Full Super Moon in Aries on September 27, 2015 (10:50pm EST) is also a total lunar eclipse (10:48pm EST). The earth passes between the sun and moon, turning the light of the moon red or brown and momentarily blocking it out completely. Eclipses tend to bring change. This eclipse indicates change in yourself and relationships. Strong, fiery emotions and impulses can surface today. Anger and lust can burn hot. You may feel the need to individuate and act boldly in honor of your own will rather than keeping the peace. Listen to your instincts, and also be fair. Challenge inspires greater unison within and without. Find a middle ground. Today, take practical action to serve and create the highest order in love, balance, and harmony.

This full moon movement ritual will help you use Qoya to open your heart and listen to her messages. Express through your hips; feel yourself slow down to feel more. Give yourself permission to feel the range of your emotions with the shadow dance, and then free yourself with free dance as you honor yourself, your love, and your passion for existence.

For more catharsis, I also enjoy singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" privately in my home at the top of my lungs or publicly during karaoke. For comic relief, I go to one my favorite things on the internet. For retail therapy, some of you have asked about where to find what I wear in these videos. They are all from the new Qoya movement clothing line! Check them out here.

Which ever direction your pendulum swings, may you remember that you always return to the heart.

Let's Dance!

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