When I'm leading a Qoya retreat or just hanging out with my friends, I often warn people that whatever question they ask me, I will often answer with, "What feels right in your body?" Fearful of sounding annoying or repetitive, I share that this question is meant to be empowering and a gesture of implicit trust that if something truly feels right in your body, that it is the right thing to do - not only in Qoya, but also in life.

In a world full of what one "should" do, I'm passionately curious about exploring what one is called to do. This takes practice and life experience to refine the process of discernment between what is a soulful desire and what is an egoic impulse; however, the energy of this New Moon in Virgo can help!

Qoya teacher and Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that the New Moon in Virgo on September 13, 2015 (2:41am EST) precedes a partial solar eclipse the same day at 2:55pm. This season emphasizes new beginnings in health and healing. Now is the time to set intentions around healthful routines. Incorporate a practice you can commit to daily, whether it’s warm lemon water in the morning or one-song dance breaks to break up monotony and invigorate your life. Heed this simple advice: everything in moderation. Medicine and poison are close cousins; it’s all about the proper dosage and timing. Apply this to concept to anything. Inspired action is indicated today. Be naturally spontaneous and creative in your approach to perfecting your life. Organize, but don’t control. Balance work and play.

This full moon movement ritual will help you use Qoya to consciously connect with this New Moon. Breathe into your body and set an intention. Practice yoga to bring your body into alignment. Dance into the pulse and passion of your heart.

While studying shamanism, my soul exhaled a sigh of relief when I heard the explanation of the tradition as a-moral. There are no things that you should always or never do, but rather, you cultivate your ability to trust your own guidance to do the right thing at the right moment.  

Even if our expectations and preferences are left unfulfilled, if we have made a decision based on the truth in our being, there is a certain satisfaction and opportunity for learning that emerges in the refinement of our own awareness.  

What would it feel like if you could trust yourself more deeply today than ever before to navigate your relationship to bringing your intentions to life? What if your approach to your health and vitality could be measured by simply paying more attention to noticing how you feel when you eat certain foods, drink or don't drink particular things, rest or are exhausted, exercise or don't? Let the truth in your body guide you. 

When you feel that truth in your bones, follow it!

When you're not sure, it's a perfect time to rest and do the practices that bring you back to center so you are clear for your next calling.

Every step of the way, may you remember more of who you are, and let the truth that you embody guide you.

Trusting yourself is the key that opens the door to your expansion.

I promise,

P.S. I just got back from Burning Man, and one of my favorite aspects of the festival is that there is no money! It is a gifting economy which is part of what inspired me to offer Pay-What-You-Can Retreat Qoya Retreat each year at Menla Mountain Retreat Center outside Woodstock, New York. Here's a video to explain how it works: http://www.loveqoya.com/woodstock-2015