As I scroll through my proverbial rolodex, I think of the people I know who have the strongest life force: passion in the eyes and fire in their will, so much so that you can hear the drum beat of their heart.

These people have connected to the calling within that is seemingly impossible until you begin. Once that first step is taken, though, doors appear where there were only walls. A sincere pursuit receives the reward of miracles, and as they individually transform, the world outside of them does as well.

We contract in order to expand.

Just how a woman's body moves to give birth, so do we to birth our creations.

I've been contracting for the last few months, doing my best to finish this book. I have the next three weeks as my deadline. It's all written, but I am editing, editing, editing. It's been really intense, and I've found solace in reaching out to my other writer friends who have gone through the arduous process of taking all the stories, perspectives, experiences, and love that lives on the inside and finding a way for it to live outside in the form of a finished piece of writing.

I keep dreaming about earthquakes, and woke up to a small one the other day. Literally, Mother Earth is shaking me awake, and so is her voice in this book, in my work, and in our world. When I started Qoya six years ago and said, "Through movement, we remember," people would say, "remember what?"  Every day, more and more people are remembering the eternal essence of who they are and committing to a life that expresses that through their sacred work.

Instead of a job where you trade your life force in exchange for survival, instead of an occupation where you leverage your specialized knowledge for privilege and power, your calling is the thing that if at the end of your life you don't do, you will regret. For some it's to paint, for some it's to be a mother, for some it's to start a condom company that provides peer-to-peer education to women and girls in Africa, and for some it's to write a book about your journey at age 50 to understand orgasm. It can be as big as opening a flower shop or organic juice bar, or as simple as to write a song.

Your sacred work is whatever lives in the center of your heart that whispers to you every time you slow down to listen.

My intention for the upcoming Qoya retreat in Bali is to work deeply with women on how to dance with the call, the contraction and expansion, and the inevitable surrender to living your love through sacred work.  

Bali is a big journey, and so is the call to our sacred work. Whenever I travel to Peru for a pilgrimage, I actually love that it is far away. I love the symbolism of my willingness to travel as far as necessary for the truth that calls me.

Whether you join us in Bali or you join the tribe of the sacred heart devoted to their sacred work, you are not alone. You are not the only one with an evolutionary call to be part of the transition team to lead others back to the center of their hearts. You are not the only one who experiences setbacks, challenges, fear, and doubt in the form of contraction. You are also not alone in your expansion - there is a community of likeminded souls through Qoya who will celebrate those moments with you.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how aligned with your sacred work do you feel? What would it feel like if you were a 10? Can you dance that feeling?

If you want a little help, dance along to this video about doing your sacred work. Trust that your body has the answers that your mind may have lost the map to.

I look forward to living in a world where more people do the work that they truly love and feel called to offer.

May it be so for you. May it be so for me. May it be so for all of us.

With encouragement,

P.S. I love online connection and the internet, and I love real experience with real people in real time with real hugs. If you're called and able, please join me to learn and share what you know about your sacred work in Bali, September 15-22, 2015.