“Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?”

—Caroline Myss

If you're feeling the existential ache, you're not alone. What the hell is going on in this wise, wild and free world?

Or maybe that's just me, sitting in front of the computer 10-12 hours a day editing, editing, editing, to finish this book.

Or...maybe it is the New Moon in Leo? Astrologer and Qoya Teacher, Virginia Rosenberg, shares that this new moon emphasizes self-consciousness. Who are you really? What have you come here to this world to create? Flash insights and fresh inspirations begin to change you into the person you are becoming. Becoming is a process. In order to be ourselves, we must heal. This moon contains equal doses of fun creativity and sober reckoning. Today features increased awareness around lack. What holds you back from shining your light? Are there fears and self-defeating behaviors you can shed today? Take stock of practical considerations and make an effort to improve. A new cycle is beginning in the heavens above. It’s less about ego and more about service. Time to get the job done. Living the life you truly desire is not always easy, but your joy is the best gift you could give. Radiate.

In today's free movement ritual, gently circle open the whole body, feeling yourself as you are right now. Shadow dance the way it feels when life is hard. On this dark moon, journey to the center of the labyrinth and back.

Whatever the question is, the soulful answer is usually some variation of: love, trust, forgiveness, keep going, you're amazing! The thing is, if the answer doesn't come from within, it usually doesn't stick. We can seek out support from others, we can get likes on social media, but if we don't really feel the essence of who we are inside, nothing really fills that ache.  

I invite you to do this free movement ritual to see what answers are already inside of you waiting to be revealed, and I wish for you the most beautiful midsummer's night dreams. May they come true!

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