Sometimes there are no words to express the depth of a feeling. We try and the attempts create so much beautiful art in this world, but instead of speaking, we can also dance as a way to communicate.

At the end of my recent camping trip in Montana, my group had all gone through challenges, triumphs, laughs, and some tears. To close the space, we put Lord Huron's "Meet Me in the Woods" on and danced. Everyone understood each other perfectly.

Qoya teacher and astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares:

The New Moon in Cancer July 15 2015 (9:24pm EST) is feeling-and-goal-oriented. Hidden things come to light, and we receive inner directive on what to do about it. Notice what conversations reveal and where you can investigate yourself more deeply. Part of you desires comfort and security, but you are also reckoning with a strong urge to break free, out on your own, into the new and unexpected. Relationships and values are tested as you review challenges with intimacy. New Moon in Cancer is in its home sign. Take time to breathe, set intentions, gently circle open the body and move into your hips to free pent-up energies and use them creatively.

You can set intentions with your mind and you can read articles about all the aspects of each new and full moon, but I'm curious what happens when you take 10-15 minutes out of your day to feel the energy, not only of the moon, but of any moment that you slow down enough to be exactly where you are. Beware of the momentum tunnel. Make sure you know how to consciously connect with yourself, the moment, and life around you anytime you need. The best way I know to cross the bridge back to the present moment is to feel it in my body, so I offer this free video to you to do the same.

May your movement be prayer and may you feel the sweetness of reaching out.

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

--Hopi Indian saying

To feeling a little more today,


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