When you think of the best moments in your life, did they happen when you had an idea in your mind? Or did they happen when you were living, breathing, feeling and embodying a moment? Think of it. Remember two or three of your most cherished memories, and notice whether they are associated with a physical sensation or feeling in the body. They probably are, because the first step to feeling happiness is to feel. And how you feel is though your body.

This free Qoya 15 minute movement ritual is titled "Get Back in Your Body" because I truly believe that when you can take a deep breath and feel your body, you connect to your intuitive wisdom to guide you, you connect with your creative authentic expression that happens in the moment, and you are able to receive more of life's gifts because you are being present. You remember your essence is wise, wild and free, and you feel it as truth in your bones.

The more I invest time and energy in aligning my mind, heart and soul with my body, the more profound my relationship to my body becomes. The one difference between our definition of life and death is being in our body. When we incarnate to take this adventure of life on this earth, one important thing is required: a body. While many view the body as an inconvenient source of obligation, when you can embrace your body as the thing that makes your whole human journey possible, you start to treat it quite differently. You and your body are in this together from start to finish, whether you like it or not. My recommendation is to start mending any broken fences and "Get Back in Your Body" to celebrate this full moon and all the joys you are able to experience through feeling in your body.  

Anchor into the address of your soul in this lifetime—your body.

Qoya Astrological Guidance:
On May 3, the full moon in Scorpio puts you in touch with the more primal side of existence—and especially how your own core power can support your most meaningful, truthful life. Release the extraneous, the superficial, and the urge to possess. Be present to the ins-and-outs of your daily life, infusing the quotidian with richness and gratitude. Call in new ways to deepen your connection to every action, every thought, every breath. On this wild journey from cradle to grave, you have a billion sparkling chances to sink into your beautiful bones. Take them!

While the Full Moon in Scorpio goes exact on May 3, 2015, 11:42pm, EST, this movement ritual is great to do anytime you are wanting to simply get back into your body. A little movement can go a long way. See for yourself as you dance a little bit more today.

With LOVE,

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