Sometimes letting go isn't active; it's simply realizing what is already gone. Sometimes it requires great effort to take a reflective inventory of what nourishes you and what depletes you, and then make a conscious choice to release what does not bring you joy.

When I say joy, I don't mean superficial joy from accomplishments or material possessions, but rather the ecstasy of your life being aligned, in integrity, and in agreement with your soul. Joy happens when you are honest with yourself about how you feel, express this truth, and then align your actions in the direction of your truest heart's desire.

Why did you come to this place, to live on earth at this time, if not to live a life aligned with your soul?

Still, there can be resistance and grief in letting go. Friends help. Therapists help. Movement helps.

"We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned to have the life that is waiting for us."  Joseph Campbell

As we approach this new moon in Taurus, our Qoya horoscope focuses on Release:

On May 18, the new moon in Taurus sparks a critical awareness: you are the most glittering diamond, undeniably connected to our beautiful Planet Earth. Take a sober look at situations, beliefs and relationships that don’t support your purest self, and release as necessary. Be present to the value of your incredibly sweet and strong self. By connecting with your own considerable worth, you can call in new experiences that reflect just how precious you — and existence — are.

Here is a movement ritual to:

  • Set an intention with your breath, and use the power of your mind for good.
  • Get into the heat of your hips to stoke the fire.
  • Courageously explore the shadow of what may be holding you back.
  • Experience liberation through the body, and shake it off!

This video makes me laugh with me dancing around the kitchen in only an apron with guest appearances from my friend's dog!  

I hope that as you reverently take time to let go through your body, you are able to release what doesn't serve you from the patterns of your daily life and step into conscious dreaming of the life and world you imagine is possible. 

Because it's always getting better,

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