On the last day of teaching this Qoya Retreat in Costa Rica, I looked at my computer and saw our Kickstarter project was 99% funded. I was full of gratitude, and then I started to ask myself, "I wonder who will be the magical person who helps us reach our goal..."

I felt in my body that the person who was going to do it would be significant in some way, but I didn't know who or how.

Less than an hour later, I saw that we had reached our goal, and the backer who brought us past the $33,333 mark was...my mom.

My mom came on her very first Qoya retreat this week and it was also her very first time taking a Qoya class! (She loves it!) She was so courageous to go outside her comfort zone and explore this wise, wild and free way of being. She danced with her whole soul. She went horseback riding along the sunset and under the moonlight after it got dark. She went stand-up paddle boarding for the first time in the ocean. She made friends, shed tears, and laughed her loud laugh.  

I can't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate reaching our goal than with the support of being on the first retreat my mom ever attended. In many ways, this book feels like birthing a baby, and how lucky I am to have my own mother standing by as a doula?

I lead one more Qoya retreat in Costa Rica this week, and then will go into final edits of the book. By meeting our goal, we have now fully funded everything required to publish!

We still have 12 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign, so any money raised in this next week and a half will go towards additional projects to support the book:

  • Create the Audio Book: $7,500
  • Create a Qoya Oracle Deck: $15,000
  • Create more free Qoya videos!: $10,000
  • Hire some help with PR: $5,000
  • Hire a part-time assistant for managing this project into full fruition and beyond: $2000/month

Please continue to spread the word or consider contributing if you haven't already so that we can fund these additional projects (who DOESN'T want a Qoya Oracle Deck?!)

At the end of this week in Costa Rica, a group of women from the Qoya retreat will go down to where the ocean meets the sand for a closing fire ceremony. We will offer all our prayers throughout the week to that essence that goes by thousands of names, but ultimately remains unnameable. In this ceremony, I will blow my prayers of gratitude into the fire for you!  

One dream at a time,