The force of the feminine is not linear.

It doesn't have a strategic plan that forces the flow. It is a path of soulful surrender and creating space for whatever is authentic to REVEAL itself.

I'm so honored to be supporting Meggan Watterson's courageous work at her soulful event alongside Christiane Northrup, Kate Northrup Watts and Maya Azucena at Kripalu, June 12th-14th, 2015.

Meggan speaking is the only thing more powerful than Meggan writing, and if you've read her book, Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked, you know what that is like.

This event is about consciously coming together to gather in spiritual community.

Meggan writes in her book, "Risks are far more fun to take when you have a group of women who serve as your soul’s safety net to catch you should that risk send you into a free fall. That I have lady loves in my life—women who inspire and spur me on—has been my one constant. It has allowed me the rare opportunity of transforming any trauma in my life into an adventure. I thrive through the unexpected, the curveballs, the out of the blues because I have women who know how to wink at my soul and ask me to take this next turn as the angel I am, no matter how human I need to be as well."

There is a quote by Muriel Rukeyser: "What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open." This weekend will be a space for us to speak the truth, dance the truth, and be the truth. I invite you to join us as an experiment to see what does happen when we do. I'm excited to find out!

Through ritual, dance, and fiery soul-talks, we will:

  • Illuminate sacred texts of the divine feminine and anchor into our soul-voice
  • Offer ourselves radical permission to blaze brightly with divine love
  • Amplify our intrinsic value and worth as women and magnify the immense power of our sexual energy to heal and manifest
  • Integrate thoughts and experiences with movement, returning to the wisdom present in the body
  • Dance to sultry vocals and inspirational lyrics that empower us to take our soul-work into the world.

Together, we light up and mirror back each other’s brightness to re-enter our lives wholly changed.

Reveal is a sacred invitation to experience and embody the divine feminine. It’s about abandoning our fears, but never ourselves, and stripping down to the truth of who we really are. It’s remembering that the source of unfaltering love is within us.

Join us...

To truth,