At the end of the day, whether it is this particular day or the last day of your life, what's truly important in your life?

When we let go of our human bodies, what will be left behind? What will be our contribution to this world? The guide for others on their journey? The marker of our love?

For me, it will be Qoya.

Above is the explanation of each aspect of the Qoya Logo. The logo as a sacred geometry, as a yantra, as an image that visually translates the essence of its meaning in its form. It was created by visionary artist and friend, Daniel Frank.

This image is also the map of the Qoya lifestyle, which will be shared through a series of books titled Spiritual Authority, with different subtitles along the lines of:

-Finding and Trusting the Physical Sensation of Truth in your Body
-Doing Your Sacred Work
-Following the Call of your Soul
-Living your Life as a Prayer
-Your Inner Wisdom
-Your Inner Creativity
-Your Inner Sensuality
-Your Inner Light
-Remember to Remember

Through my body, I accessed a portal of spiritual authority, of truth, of love, of light, of community, and of connection so profound that it inspired me to follow that feeling in my body, to teach it as my sacred work in the world, to trust the call of the soul, and to do it all without attachment to the outcome as a prayer, as an offering, and you can, too. I've seen thousands of women dance and remember their essence, power, and truth through their bodies doing Qoya movements. I've seen them strengthen their spirits through ritual, community, and pilgrimage to follow it.

Through doing Qoya movements, I found the path back to my own inner wisdom, creativity, sensuality, and light again and again. I remembered how important it is to remember.

While studying shamanism, I was deeply moved by Alberto Villoldo sharing that shamans don’t do this deep inner work for themselves alone. They go deep and share what they’ve learned as a gift for humanity. Another term for a shaman is a map maker.  

The message I was receiving about Qoya was to WRITE IT DOWN so that all that lives inside of me can also live outside of me. So that if there is a person on their path who is looking for these initiations, it will be available to them.

It took years and feels like the accumulation of many many liftetimes before this one, but I wrote it all down. After I did, I shared it with 4 editors. They all came back to me with the same message, “This is way too dense. There is no way this can be one book. Every chapter should be its own book.”  

At first, I disagreed, but then I started to realize they were right. Each chapter is a stand-alone invitation to reclaim one aspect of self. I also realized that the entire book was 800 single spaced pages before being edited, formatted, etc. and each chapter alone as its own book would be around 180 pages once it was beautifully formatted.

Qoya is my offering. Like the first tenant that says Qoya remembers that everything is interconnected, I offer you the opportunity to be a part of this with me. You have no idea how very much your support means to this project. Everyone who donates from $5 to $5000 will be mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book and in my heart. There is also a special gift I will share with every single person that joins this campaign.

I share all of this with you for you to see the big picture with Qoya. Yes, we are wise, wild and free. Yes, we dance on the beach. Yes, we travel to gorgeous sacred places around the world in search for our own indigenous roots, but most importantly, we are here to honor the ancestors before us, the earth that supports in this present moment, and to do our best to create the closest version of heaven on earth we can, not only for ourselves but also for those who will come after us to inherit our legacy and our love.

Because it's all about the love,