Where am I moving?

Here’s a hint: When you’re going to _____, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

If you know the song lyrics above, you know that I am moving to the San Francisco Bay area, specifically the Oakland Hills.

I love Venice, deeply.  I cherish my time there and my tribe there.  

And yet, my soul is calling me north.  

Perhaps it is in alignment with self-publishing my first book based on exploring how to find and trust the physical sensation of truth in the body and set that as NORTH on your compass.  

Perhaps it is because the synchronicities were so great that I could not walk away from this invitation.  

Some of you may know that of the last 10 years, 5 of them have been with my belongings in storage, teaching and traveling this world. When people ask me where I live, I say, “Here. In my body."

If you want to find my soul in this lifetime, the address is wherever this 5' 2", brown-haired, blue-eyed human happens to be.

And like a pendulum that swings back and forth (I love to swing me a Pound pendulum), my wanderlust gypsy soul also craves slowing down to rest in my heart, hearth, and in my own home.  One day recently, I realized that I need more structure in my life.

I felt I was ready create a home again, so I took a deep breath and imagined what my home would feel like.  

Then I got on Facebook and posted a picture of a cottage with these words:

Dear Universe...Please note I would love a magic cottage in the woods with access to the city that feels cozy with a fireplace.  And as long as we're dreaming, how about a jacuzzi jet bath tub? (Once you have one, you can never really go back.) With gratitude, Rochelle

A couple weeks later, I got an email from a Qoya teacher who wrote, "I remember you posted something on Facebook about  wanting a place near the forest with a fireplace and a jacuzzi jet bath tub, so when I saw this posting I thought of you."

Posting Reads:

Spiritual Center devoted to the Divine Feminine in the Oakland Hills is looking for a female to move in who will be a steward for the center’s mission that everyone who enters remembers the essence of who they are. The bedroom available looks out onto the forest of the regional park with 15 miles of trails in the backyard, has a fireplace in the bedroom, and a jacuzzi jet bath tub in the bath.


Have you read enough of these blogs to know that Qoya is based on the idea "through movement, we remember" and that is also the intention of this center?

I booked a flight to Oakland asap.

I signed a lease. Done and done.

20 minutes from the Oakland airport. 20 minutes on the Bart into San Francisco. Living in the forest with access to the city. Not only is there a fireplace in my bedroom, but a ceremonial fire pit outside (which is heaven for burning despachos!) And not just a jacuzzi jet bath tub, but THIS jacuzzi jet bath tub.

The house is gorgeous.

But there's more. 

The garage is converted into a dance/movement studio, there is a temple in the house, the front door is an old cathedral door, and there are several stained glass windows through the house. I could go on and on. 

I also get the opportunity to live with and learn from other conscious and committed beings devoted to bringing the wisdom of the feminine into the world. 

Sometimes things are so magical and synchronistic, we have to pause to expand our mind and hearts to believe it is possible. Sometimes we also have to pause to honor the path that got us here. The Story of Qoya, which I share in this video, came to me in a magical way after 10 years of praying for guidance on what my sacred work was. This home came to me in a magical way after 8 months of everything in storage, not sure where I would land after I moved out of my last home.  

Neither of them came in relationship to a predictable measurement of time. They came when I was able to be present, surrender, trust, and do my best to honor every step of the way, one moment at a time.  

Each moment is all we have. So as the tropical breeze of Costa Rica dances across my skin before I get ready to go teach, I invite you to remember that your power is in the present moment right here, right now. Everything we do in Qoya is an invitation to come back to that power.

It is with incredible pleasure that I invite you to my housewarming/new Qoya offering of hosting 4 one-day Urban Retreats in my home at this spiritual center in the Oakland Hills. The dates available are:

May 16th
May 17th
June 20th
June 21st

I’m offering them as part of my Kickstarter campaign to publish my first book! You can fly into Oakland airport and take a shuttle, cab, or we will help you with carpooling. You can also travel in from San Francisco on the Bart. If you’re in the Bay area, this will be my very first time teaching in Northern California, and I am so excited to meet and engage with the community here.

I’d love to dance with you and create a full day immersion of the book with invitations to embody the woman that is wise, wild and free, experiences to nurture your soul through ritual, relax into a conscious community of like-minded and like-hearted women, and live into your courage taking the pilgrimage to this event and back into yourself. Click here to select the retreat date of your choice on Kickstarter.

To wearing flowers in our hair,


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