Dear Courageous Soul,

If you're here (on earth) and if you're on this mailing list or found this link somehow, I know you are one of the courageous ones. Your divine essence came to experience being human and for most of us, it is a little bit more intense than we initially bargained for. Like a runner before a marathon, you know it's going to be challenging, you want to rise to those challenges, and you know that you will be asked to give more of yourself than you think you have.

In those tender moments of breakdown, there is an opportunity to break through. There is a portal of possibility where you can step out of the momentum tunnel of egoic fate -- where you were born, your genetic disposition, your financial status, or any other limiting label -- and step into the possibility of your soul's highest destiny.  

How do you cross over? By listening to the truth in your body.

I'm in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish my first book called Spiritual Authority: Finding and Trusting the Physical Sensation of Truth in Your Body. I interviewed people to collect stories of when they listened to their truth and just knew something was true in their bones. I offer Qoya movements, rituals, community activities, and a pilgrimage as a way for you, the reader, to explore what your physical sensation of truth feels like and practice following it. To help the book get published, check out the Kickstarter page.

I'm passionate about this message because it is by following the physical sensation of truth in my body that I have experienced the most miracles, synchronicity, and the most meaningful encounters. As I listen to other people's stories, I hear this same shift in trusting the feeling of truth in the body as the turning point.

The moment you feel something in your bones and act on that feeling is the moment your life opens to magic.

For example, watch this video to hear my friend Bobby share his story about the most miraculous thing that happened when he followed the truth in his body. See how you can help his brother's courageous soul heal, and explore what truly nourishes us when human life becomes more intense than our spirit initially felt it bargained for. Notice that his medicine is also movement. You can support him to walk across the country and journey deeper into his truth through the movement of his body.

Sending gratitude to YOU.  
Thank you for your courage.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your love.

You are love, and you are loved.
By me and many.

To Courage,