I was on a phone call with a really sweet woman this week asking questions about our first Qoya Bali retreat, September 15-22, 2015.

She was concerned with things like jet lag and room assignments, but mostly about being able to integrate the retreat back into her life. She's been on retreats before. She's taken classes before, but when she gets home, things have a way of getting back to the way they were...before.

I get it.  

I've led over 30 retreats now and have been witness to this in myself and in others. Here's what I've found.  

To improve your life, you have to have a lifestyle that nourishes you. Period.  

Dr. Christiane Northrup once gave a lecture about how the body does not store oxytocin, our love and bonding hormone. You can't take your positive retreat experiences and live off them like interest in the bank.  

Step by step, one day at a time, little by little, we all must find ways to create a lifestyle that nourishes us. It's the only way.  

Retreats are a great way to immerse yourself and notice the benefits and effects of eating healthy, delicious food, moving your body in a way that feels good every day, being in a supportive and loving community, honoring the sacred with rituals and ceremonies, and expanding your perspective with gratitude to see the gift in things as they are now.

You may have a life-changing epiphany on a retreat or in the grocery store today, but only when it is integrated through action, embodiment, and a community of practice does the outer reflection become a clearer and more consistent mirror of your inner light.

I personally believe that movement is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your essence, so I encourage you to start integrating movement into your life today and notice how movement enhances your daily lifestyle. To help you do this, I'm releasing a free 15-minute Qoya Movement Ritual every new and full moon.

Click here to watch the video for today's New Moon. 

Our Qoya resident astrologer, Suzanne Guillette, says that the key word today is Truth. On March 20, the Pisces new moon ushers in our highest spiritual truth, and asks us to go deeper to create plenty of space to dream, create and empathize.

Commune with nature, and allow the steady rhythms of the physical world to speak to your hungry soul. Staring out at a soothing body of water or inhaling fresh air on a hike can put you in touch with the elements: what extraneous emotional baggage can you let go of, so you can get to the real heart of the matter? Be present to the mystical side of life, synchronicities included. Invite cosmically-aligned situations that will help you feel like you’re “living your path” — and spreading your wings in the process.

Move as a way to access more of your truth this New Moon and any other time you need it.  

Another suggestion to integrate more of a retreat mindset into your daily life is to join me for #capturinggratitude, a photographic happiness project that's free and offers interviews on gratitude and community connection, and encourages you to notice, photograph, and share what you are grateful for! The course starts today March 20th on International Happiness Day for 30 days of gratitude photographs and 30 days of a mini gratitude course for free at http://www.capturinggratitude.com!

There's a saying: there's many paths up the mountain. Whether it is Qoya movement, a gratitude practice, time in nature, your beloved community, reading soul-stirring books, travel, rock climbing, skiing or singing - whatever works is what's right. Whatever brings you back to the center of your soul is your path.  

Speaking of mountains, we are halfway up the mountain of our Kickstarter goal! I am bowing to you with gratitude for your love and support up to this point. In many ways, this offering is a Qoya Retreat in a book. The essence of every class I teach is to remember that through movement, we remember our essence is wise, wild and free. The intention is to remember the physical sensation of truth so deeply in your body that you can use it as north on your compass. You can trust your instincts, your intuition, yourself again. If that is something you'd like to explore more for yourself, I invite you to go on this journey with me with the book! I'd be honored if you would watch the video and see if any of the offerings call to you. Also, if you know anyone else who is looking to go deeper into trusting themselves and aligning with their soulful essence that is wise, wild and free, please share this with them and invite them to join, too!

My intention with Qoya is to be a steward to the message and nurture it to organically grow large enough so that those that are looking for this work, this community, and this lifestyle can find it.   

Here's to diving into the deep end of your soul this Spring Equinox, this New Moon, and always.

With love,