I feel so blessed to have crossed paths and studied with the Four Winds Shamanic Energy School. It was through their programs and pilgrimages that I was able to hear the voice of my soul that called me to create Qoya (see video here).

I loved studying with the mountain and jungle shamans of Peru, the yogis in India, and the medicine men in Africa as well as visiting divine feminine pagan sites in Europe, Buddhist temples in Asia, and going on walkabouts Down Under; however, one day, I realized I'd never studied any indigenous wisdom from the land I was born on here in North America.  

I never had the access or the invitation, and my heart started to yearn for it. One thing I've found in life is that the universe is not twice given. The fact that your heart calls for something means there is a response to meet it. (Side note: it may not be exactly what you pictured, it's usually something better.)

Enter: Anne Davin

Anne is of the most eloquent, if not THE most eloquent speaker I have heard. She is truly a bridge between the physical, tangible world and the world of spirit as a thought leader and gifted psychotherapist, with a PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

She has brought voice to the importance of balancing the marginalized aspects of the feminine in ourselves, our relationships, and our culture. She lived with her former husband in the Taos Pueblo, considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States.

Now for the first time, she is offering some of her unique wisdom for you online, and I highly recommend taking her class with me. I just signed up!

Origins: A 10 Day Journey to the Lost Sacred Within You is an online course in which you will receive 10 daily emails exploring different facets of what it means to encounter the more than human world. Drawing from the sensibilities of the deep feminine and the wisdom traditions of earth-based mother cultures, you will journey in discovery of your true shape and create a tangible relationship to the animate universe that will guide and inform your life.

For those of you who crave more magic, more connection to nature, and more tribe-building in your life, you will love this course. Click here for more details and to register by March 22nd.

I'm also grateful to announce that in less than a week of our Kickstarter campaign, we've already raised 33% of the goal! There's still 66% to go, and your support is appreciated more than you know. We did our best to make some amazing offerings. You can buy the book, and check out our new Qoya clothing line, Qoya + Pound Rainbow Moonstone Pendulums, Private Sessions with me, and more!

And one more thing about the book - I asked Dr. Anne Davin to write the forward. Want to find out if she said yes? You'll have to get the book.

Big hug from me to you, and infinite gratitude for dancing with me,