How did Qoya come to be?

Grab a cup of tea and join me in a magical forest to listen to the story of how Qoya came to be as I followed the physical sensation of truth in my body through different movements, rituals, communities, and my pilgrimages to Peru.

If you'd like to have Qoya accessible to you in book and video form, please consider buying the book and looking through our other offerings on our current Kickstarter campaign.

We raised almost 30% of our goal in the first few days, and now have 70% to go. All support is deeply appreciated in the forever journey of following your truth, trusting the call of the soul, having courage to go for your dreams, and maintain the reverence to receive them with an open heart.

My story of Qoya is not so different than yours. Different details and different timing. Different blessings and different challenges. But this story lives in all of us. The story of remembering who we really are.

With love for where you are in your forever journey right now,