If you are in a similar place to me or the multitudes of others I know in the multiverse, you will be feeling a LOT of fullness today and at this time.

So much is happening.
So much is changing.
So much is OPENING.  

The tendency is to let this buzzing energy keep you up at night and daydreaming during the day. The invitation of these words are to ground into your body, root your deepest knowing into the soil, and let yourself be open to all the weather of this time - the rain, sleet, snow, sun, wind, and peaceful moments between. Stay open to life.

Instead of taking situations as adversaries, take them as dance partners, because what you think is happening is in the process of shifting radically as your perception awakens back to love. The easiest way I know to come back to truth is through the movement of the body, so I offer you this New Moon Movement Ritual called Stay Open. It's also a sneak peak to the new full one hour Qoya class video that you will receive when you order the Qoya book online at our new product line site Lifestyle of Reverence.

Let Astrologer and Qoya Teacher Virginia Rosenberg's words inspire you on this new moon to feel the importance of this time and staying open:

New Moon in Sagittarius, December 11, 2015 (5:29am EST) begins a new cycle of belief and knowing. Consider this story. A scholar went to visit a Zen master with the intention of learning everything he could about the way of Zen. The Zen master received him and proposed they discuss Zen over a cup of tea. When the tea was ready, the Zen master poured for his visitor. He poured and poured, the tea filled the cup and overflowed. The visitor exclaimed, “It is full! No more tea will go in!” The Zen master responded, “This cup is like your mind, full of your own opinions and speculations. You cannot learn the way of Zen unless you empty your cup.” On this New Moon, empty your cup. Allow your mind to become open. Release all judgements. Let go of what you know. When the mind is empty, it fills with the expanse of every possibility. Opportunities for growth and increased autonomy easily flow your way. Listen to your intuition, and take inspired action. Plant seeds today for your next quest. It is time to be free! In Qoya, breathe and set an intention. Feel the strength and courage of your thighs as you move through the hips. Free dance! Anything could happen!

All the hope,

P.S. We have opened up 6 spaces for 6 inspired women to join us in Costa Rica January 9-16 to start 2016 by focusing on living an embodied life. Let us know if you're called to be one of them!