When you come fully into the body and fully into the present moment, there is a force that meets you there. Beyond anything the mind can explain, it is an inner knowing - in your bones, in your essence. You feel the mountains of support that are protecting, encouraging, and demanding you to rise alongside them.

Sometimes the best way to learn what something is is to learn what it is not. What if you were to take today and neglect your body - eat food that doesn't nourish you, don't move, don't get enough rest, choose discomfort over pleasure, acquiesce to whatever seems most convenient. Notice how that goes.

There's a part of me that actually enjoys the times in life when I am disconnected to my body, because I know the celebration of reconnection is coming. It is a mysterious joy to be that at ease with the cycle of things. To know that all you need to do is take a deep breath, stand up, and clear around ten minutes in your calendar to see what's true for you in your body. Every class I teach, I'm always in awe at the worlds of revelation that are inside whenever we are willing to look.  

There is a message for you, and now is the time to go journey towards it, remembering the direction to travel is always inwards. Inwards to access your deepest wisdom. Inwards to be inspired by your most authentic creativity. Inwards to melt more into the moment, savoring it for what it is.  

Movement is a powerful portal to go deeper inside, just like this particular New Moon in Scorpio. It knows secret passages, and if you trust it just for these ten minutes, it may trust you right back. There's only one way to find out.   

Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg shares that this New Moon in Scorpio on November 11, 2015 (12:47pm EST) is a crystalline cradle of transformation. Use darkness as a portal today. Go into the deep within. Now is a threshold of beginnings and endings. Destruction and regeneration. The new Self that is birthing through you is bold, bright, untameably beautiful, and ultimately mysterious. Go into the cave. Listen. Drink deeply of the messages you receive today. Healing energies are omnipresent on this moon. Allow. In Qoya, breathe and connect with your essence. Let everything else fall away but the steady passion of your inner self. Let intentions for this New Moon bubble up from within. Consciously connect with the healing and transformation available by walking or dancing a labyrinth. What answers does the mystery hold? Today’s a perfect day to do a three card story with someone you trust. Rich givings from the deep unconscious!

Blessings today as you dance into the messages that are waiting for you.

With love,

P.S.  We are so excited about our 2016 retreats:

Jan 9-16, 2016 Costa Rica

April 9-16, 2016 Qoya Collective Retreat

April 16-23, 2016 Qoya Co-Ed Retreat

May 7-14, 2016 Qoya Guatemala Retreat

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