I just completed 10 days of teaching a Qoya Teacher Training Intensive and our annual pay-what-you-can retreat outside Woodstock, New York at Menla Mountain Retreat Center. It is one of my favorite places to bring people in the world because you can feel the sacredness of the land that was commissioned by the Dalai Lama, stewarded by the Thurman family, and part of Tibet House honoring the powerful presence that he embodies: sharing his message of love and compassion.

I was deeply moved by the beauty of the leaves changing color, and of course, it goes perfectly with our full moon and the dance between holding on and letting go.

According to our resident astrologer, Qoya teacher Virginia Rosenberg, the Full Moon in Taurus on October 27, 2015 (8:05am EST) straddles the axis of holding on and letting go. Some things are meant to remain solid and consistent, so that we may build reality and find peace in steadiness, but some things hold on well past their due. Familiarity becomes stagnation and hinders our progress. What old hurts still remain? What stories from our past continue to drain our power? Take a moment from this busy time to pause. Make space for self-care. Be present with what comes up today. The inner masculine and feminine are reorganizing themselves. Adjust relationships and finances accordingly. Discern what you really want and what can work better. Allow for something greater than you to create reformation. Through accepting change, necessary resources naturally flow according to a Divine Order. Surrender attachment, and honor the natural timeline of healing. Today, give yourself a massage. Notice how it feels to receive your own tender touch. Circle through the body and delight in every sense. Free dance to call your power back into your being, honoring every ancestor and relation who got you this far.

I invite you to dance with the parts of you that are ready to let go with beauty like these leaves and rest in the earnest foundation that stands beneath.

If life is simply a series of lessons in letting go, may it be blessed.

With love,