Yesterday, I got to have an amazing experience teaching Qoya to a group of teenage girls who are chapter leaders for an organization called I Am That Girl.

When we are conscious, we can be present with others respecting their unique experience, and at the same time be aware of the part of ourselves that they mirror to us. 

I wonder what my life would be like if I had been able to take a Qoya class 15-20 years ago. I wonder how things would have been different if someone mirrored to me that my intuition was trustworthy, that I have the same divine spark that is in everyone and everything, and that no matter what challenges come, the assignment is to keep choosing love.

It sounds trite, but when you can slow down to feel life's impact on you, a tenderness emerges. A truth.

I believe this truth is most easily and consistently available through the body. Through movement. Through ritual. Through community. Through pilgrimage. Through Qoya.

This new moon allows you to honor how far you've come and the clarity that has emerged around your purpose. This movement ritual gives you an invitation to set an intention for your movement, center yourself with yoga, feel the shadow of what it feels like when you disconnect from your truth because you're too busy, then shake it off and notice how easy it is to come back to freedom in your body through dance.

According to our resident astrologer, Qoya teacher Virginia Rosenberg, the New Moon in Libra (October 12, 2015 at 8:06pm EST) is fateful and awakening. It marks the end of the most recent eclipse season. What has changed for you in the past month? This moon emphasizes liberation, breaking free, and embracing your new path. Pressure on relationships, values, and worth partners with pressure to build and realize your dreams, contributing to your reinvention. What is your true purpose? What did you come here on this earth to do? Allow old forms to dissolve or heal, and get down to business by continuing to hone your skills and assets. Order things today. Clean house. You may feel a nervous, busy-body energy that's great for increasing body-mind awareness and getting things done. Balance work and rest. Calm your nerves with a bath or meditation. Listen deeply to choices and clues in communications today. Something is offered that pulls you closer to destiny. Use this free Qoya movement ritual to breathe and open body, mind, and soul to receive any messages of importance. Set an intention for your movement practice. Do some yoga to settle within, shake off the past, and dance into your new life.

My own next chapter involves being an author! The book is done. It's been lovingly edited for months and goes into design on Monday. The amazing part of self-publishing is I will be able to offer it to you within the next few months.

I'm looking forward to all of us knowing ourselves better after emerging through this transformative time and sharing our truth with great love.

Always with great love,

P.S. Some of you have asked about the Qoya clothing line in the videos, and they are now available for purchase on our website.

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