I got food poisoning last weekend.

As I moved from feeling flat-out sick through achy on to tired, I longed for someone to tell me I was going to be okay. Even though I knew it would eventually pass, I wanted someone on the other side of wellness to remind me that my body is made to heal.

I’ve had other moments like this, when I forget that life is cyclical. I forget that the bad days aren’t permanent, and that I will circle back to joy again.

As I lay in bed in my tender state, humbled by illness, I started to wonder if we should start asking people, “Are you in the remembering or have you forgotten?” instead of “How are you?” when we see them.

We all forget our essence sometimes, often until things that are out of our control interrupt our lives and force us into stillness. This is why I designed Qoya as a way to remember, to experience the physical sensation of truth in my body and shift the analysis of my mind into my intuitive knowing, not only when life forces me but as a regular practice.

It’s easy to forget, but the good news is, it’s also easy to remember. Just move.

If you haven’t remembered through Qoya (yet), here’s 3 ways you can:

1) 5 Minutes: Watch this video about Shaking and follow along!

2) 14 Days: Create your own home practice through this comprehensive 14-session online training, that you can stream into your home and follow at your own pace.

3) 1 Weekend In California! I’m so excited to be offering my first intimate retreat in California, Feb 20-22. To learn more about it and have a deep remembering experience in person, check out the info here

I’m curious - how do you remember? Have you remembered through Qoya? You can reply back to me here or post on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest) with the hashtags #iremember and #qoya.  You can even film a short video on your phone and send to me at rochelle@loveqoya.com.

Like an eagle eye view that can see the bigger picture, anchoring our remembering with expression. sharing, and community helps raise our perspective.  

I’m feeling much better after my food poisoning and am so grateful to those who helped me remember.  #iremember that as I get stronger, you get stronger. As you heal, I heal and... that we are all in this together.

May we remember together,

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