Up until now, the only way to experience Qoya was at a live class or retreat. I'm thrilled to announce that today we are launching the Intro to Qoya workshop on Popexpert, which allows you to begin your Qoya journey by studying the 13 components and learning how to create your own home practice online! It's shot beautifully and there was so much magic that came while filming it that it has incredible value both if you are new to Qoya and do not have a local class nearby, or if you've have already done Teacher Training and would love a refresher.

Once you register for the Popexpert Workshop, you have lifetime access! The video is on demand so you can watch it as many times as you like.

If you desire to become a Qoya teacher, the PopExpert online workshop can serve as part of your Introduction, or first level of training. Here are the requirements for each level of Qoya Teacher Training:

PopExpert Workshop OR 1 Weekend Retreat
Teacher Training Essentials

If Intro is completed via PopExpert Workshop: 2 Weekend Retreats
If Intro is completed via Weekend Retreat: 1 Weekend Retreat OR 1 Week Retreat
Teach 20 Qoya classes

Intensive Week Retreat in Costa Rica or Woodstock

These are the levels of training available at our 2015 Retreats:

Miami, FL (May 1-3) - Introduction or Initiation
Woodstock, NY (Oct 17-19) - Introduction or Initiation
Central California (Feb 20-22) - Initiation

Costa Rica - Initiation (April 4-11) or Intensive (March 21-28)
Woodstock - Intensive (Oct 10-17)
(Aug 23-28) - Initiation
Zimbabwe (Dates TBA) - Initiation
(Dates TBA) - Initiation

For more information on Teacher Training, click here or send us your questions at teachertraining@loveqoya.com.

I hope you enjoy this new resource as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room. -Kurt Vonnegut

To dancing everywhere - and now with Qoya online, even more in your living room,