Dear Qoya Family,


First, some logistics.  Costa Rica is hands down my favorite week of the year and the time we spend together in that sacred container ripples out in the most powerful and magical ways.  I partnered with to launch the 6th annual retreat and to show off their fancy ability to break up a retreat into three payments.  This allows you to make your investment and secure your seat while spacing out the payments over the next 6-7 months.  If you're interested in joining us and in saving $200, sign up before July 31st (that's one week from today) and a week of exploring the woman in you that is wise, wild and free will be yours.

Also, there are two Intro to Qoya Teacher Trainings on the schedule August 23rd and 24th.  I'll be leading one in Venice and Kitty Cavalier will be leading one in Seattle, Washington.  Sign up before July 31st and save $75.  Intro to Qoya Teacher Training is a perfect way to go deeper into Qoya as a lifestyle, learn how to make your own home practice and give you the foundational support to begin your journey to share Qoya with your community.  It's always a profound time we share together.  

Saving money is great.  Going on and leading retreats have been the catalysts for some of the best moments in my whole life.  And... all of that seems trivial when we are right up in the face of life and death.  Which is where a beloved member of our Qoya community is today.

About a year ago a young woman in her mid-thirties was passing away from cancer and when I went to go visit her and say good-bye, they were no longer allowing visitors but her mom came out to sit with me.  First, she cried on my shoulder and I'll never forget the feeling of holding a grieving mother in my arms.  

I gave her a book of Hafiz poems, which her daughter had given to me when we were in Thailand. I asked that she read some of the poems to her and also read some for herself. The name of the Hafiz book which I gave to her mother that day was the same one we had read together on our trip.  It was called The Subject Tonight is Love.  I was sensitive because the main poem had the word die in it.  And here we were sitting outside the home where my beloved friend and her beloved daughter were part from this world in this human form, but wondering about that part of us, that eternal soulful part of us, that never dies.  And also wondering about that human mortal part of us and what are we here to do until we die?  Like Hafiz suggests, maybe we are here to talk about love?

The Subject Tonight is Love

The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all

- Hafiz

Her mother shared with me that during her final conscious days she and her daughter were talking about the most memorable moments of her life.  She reflected on how magical it was to have an experience that showed her that life could be lived so differently than the way she was raised.  She remembered the freedom she felt in her body to travel, to eat exotic fruits, to dance and do yoga, to have deep spiritual conversations, to gather around a fire, to expand her mind, body, heart and soul.  Her mother looked in my eye and said, "thank you for showing my daughter a part of the world and a way of life that I didn't know how to show her." I sobbed.

I sob still.  And at the same time, two questions emerge.  Who are we and what are we doing here?  From the best I can tell, we are eternal beings who came for a human adventure and while I can't promise you what is on the other side of this perceptual plane, I have faith and trust that it is ruled by the currency of love.  And speaking of currency, I believe what we are doing here is remembering ourselves as eternal beings, sourcing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs from that place and doing our unique soul work in the world.  Our unique soul work is simply the place where we are able to fully express the unique light and love that we are.  

I haven't made millions with Qoya (yet!) but I have gathered a million moments of knowing myself deeply and connecting to others in an authentic way that reconnects us to our essence that is wise, wild and free and empowers us to do what we came here to do- which for most people reading this blog, what we came here to do was be beacons of light and lighthouses of love for ourselves and the world.  We came to anchor a new possibility for humanity to evolve past a survival mentality and into a thriving expansion.  We came to live the voice of our souls expressed, not repressed.  I sometimes think of it like this, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience."  In a world full of unknowns, the ability to take time and not only savor life, but LIVE LIFE is powerful.

It was an honor to share this initiatory retreat experience with another woman named Ruth who came on the Costa Rica Qoya Retreat last year in the midst of her stage four cancer diagnosis and we all fell in love with her, as we all fell in love with each other.  We have been praying for her, sending videos and financial donations to help honor the courageous soul journey she and her loved ones are living right now.  If your heart is inspired please send your prayers, love and consider to support her family directly by donating here. You can also read some of her journey here. 

All Qoya classes and retreats are done within the scope of a shamanic journey: set sacred space, honor the gifts of the past and release it, come into present time and savor it and then save some time to dream bigger dreams.  We raise our vibration with gratitude for what is and embrace the gifts along with the challenges and then humbly claim our ability to co-create with the divine by aligning with the divine spark inside ourselves.

It's not an idea we have, as we dance we can literally feel the pulse of life dancing in us the same way it dances in everything else in this world.  Quantum physics confirms we are all made of the exact same material and as we feel that essence, that source in our own bodies, we use that feeling to guide our path. 

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In Qoya, through movement, we remember.  May we also create time, space and community to connect to our remembering in the most tender moments of our lives and in the most tender moments of lives of those we love around us.

All donations from my Sunday night Qoya Class in Venice, CA will go to Ruth, so please join us if you are in LA and savor a little bit more of your day today in her honor.

Stay strong.  Stay united. And please, keep dancing!

With heart,


P.S. There is a powerful movement in the Shamanic Circles I run in encouraging people to reflect on the possibility of dying consciously.  A friend of mine has a great site called Peaceful Dying Joyful Living where she offers free resources and support on how to see death as a natural part of life, honor the spirit that never dies and create support for the person dying as well as caregivers. Learn more by visiting her site at