The Momentum Tunnel.

Our Highest Destiny.

 & an updated calendar for 2014-2015



Dear Qoya Community,

EXPANSION: I just returned from an amazing week that went like this: wedding in Portland, Maine, red-eye flight to Peru, one week Qoya Retreat with the Four Winds in the Amazon Jungle, red-eye flight to LA for a wedding in Temecula, California.  It was a week of incredible expansion. The wedding vows were so beautiful- "your life will not go unwitnessed, because I will witness it" and "I free you with my loyalty". My heart only had one choice, it had to grow to be able to take in all the love that was being shared.  In the jungle, my expansion came with the clarity of a vision I received, "There are many ways to survive, but only one way to live - attuned to your soul."  I felt life wanting to express itself through me, through all of us, but the first step to feel that attunment is by slowing down.

CONTRACTION: Every time I meditate deeply, have a powerful insight or see someone psychic or prophetic, a consistent message comes through.  Slow down.  Travel less.  Rest more.  Trust in the contraction.  Know that like a baby needs nine months to incubate, so do some of your dreams. Let the magic happen and attune yourself to your soul so that some of the pieces of this puzzle of creation can come to you instead of feeling like you must travel to find them all.  It's a balance of expansion and contraction and the contraction is simply another way to prepare for expansion.

THE MOMENTUM TUNNEL: I remember a lecture in my shamanic training in a class at the Four Winds called the Mastery of Time.  We looked at Quantum Physics and the theory of probability in the momentum tunnel.  All of the energy of the culture around you, your past and your present shoot you through time in this momentum tunnel of likelihood and if you are not able to have practices or periods of time in your life to slow down, you may not be able to recognize the exits that appear every once in awhile leading to your highest destiny.  Note: your highest destiny is not in the momentum tunnel.

OUR HIGHEST DESTINY: All that being said, I got home from the jungle and looked at my calendar and cut my travel plans for the next six months in half.  Why?  Because It's time to rest up for the next expansion.  The idea is not to be exhausted in your pursuits or lazy in your lack of earnestness.  The idea is to be like a feline, like a lioness who rests and rests and rests and when the clarity emerges and it is time to pounce to have 100% of your energy available to act fully.  

We all have responsibilities to work and our families, but this post is an invitation to simply look for places where you can rest and feel the responsibility to your soul to take time to slow down and integrate all you have experienced, reflect on your truth and creative dreams inside of you and then sit still to let them incubate until your clarity it emerges.  When it does, go with all your heart. (Read: it is ok to take a nap, to sleep in, to slow down every once in a while.  The health of your body, mind, heart and soul will all thank you.)

I hope this summer is treating you well and that you are enjoying your expansions, taking time to contract and rest, conscious of the momentum tunnel and on the look out for the next exit towards your highest destiny.

May the journey that begins in this now moment be sweet.

(It's really ok to slow down.)

With love, 


I cancelled about half of my travel calendar and this is what is left! Would love to dance with you soon. 

Intro to Qoya Teacher Training in Los Angeles: August 23-24, 2014 w/ Rochelle

Intro to Qoya Teacher Training in Seattle, WA: August 23-24 w/Kitty Cavalier

Qoya in Austin, TX w/optional Intro to Qoya Teacher Training October 4-6 w/ Rochelle

Qoya Pay-What-You-Can Retreat w/optional Intro to Qoya Teacher Training in Woodstock, NY October 17-19 w/Rochelle 

Qoya with the Four Winds Women's Expedition to Chile November 10-21 (only 10 spots remaining) w/ Rochelle and Marcela Lobos of the Four Winds

Qoya's 6th Annual Retreat in Costa Rica March 28-April 4th (save $200 if you book on Seek Retreat by July 31st and they allow payment plans!) w/ Rochelle 

With the Shapibo Medicine Women Shamans in Peru and Marcela Lobos of the Four Winds.   

With the Shapibo Medicine Women Shamans in Peru and Marcela Lobos of the Four Winds.