Dear Believers,

Sometimes the first step in Miracles is believing in miracles.  Believing in magic and synchronicity. Believing in your dreams coming true.  Believing that the world is conspiring on your behalf. Believing in yourself.

It's a journey, right?  There are days when you have cramps and ache.  Days when you are breaking up or divorcing and your heart breaks.  Days when the winter is long and the rain is cold.

And there are days when the spring blossoms start to reveal themselves.  Life even offers days when your little love child, in my case Qoya, gets featured on as a spiritual form of exercise that is not yoga.  Click here to read the article!  The wisdom of the feminine is to honor our interconnectedness and in our ability to flow with the cycles.  Life is not summer, summer, summer, summer!  It's more like fall (letting go), winter (going in), spring (peeking out) and then summer (full expression!)  We are perpetually going through the cycles of healing through the medicine wheel cycle of releasing, feeling darkness to love ourselves as whole and holy, remembering to savor the sweetness and then taking time to dream again.

From my perspective, all of life is interconnected, so it was interesting notice when I got the email that said the article on had posted. It was during my fifth annual Qoya Retreat in Costa Rica while leading the teacher training and talking about how Qoya has all the traditional benefits of exercise- strengthening, stretching, burning calories, increasing balance and agility, but they become pleasurable bi-products, not the reason you go.  The reason you go is your joy.  Qoya isn't about chasing something in the future  like losing weight or building muscle, it's about savoring the moment, and your body, exactly as it is now.  It's focusing less on how it looks and more on how it feels and when it feels good that's how you know you're doing it right.  It's about shifting your perception from the judgment and analysis of the mind to the feeling of the heart and the body.  It's about dancing with the sacred pulse of life, to really good music, and dancing because you can no longer not dance.

Synchronicity happens when we can allow ourselves not to be caught in the impatience of the evolution of linear time, but celebrate the sweet little winks that occur when we are in sacred or circular time measured not by accomplishments, but by meaning.  Honoring our cycles allows us to accept where we are now.  Awareness of our interconnectedness invites us to go one layer deeper in our perception to not see things as simply happening, but to see them as part of a thread that weaves through our whole life and this whole world.  Magic is just our physical tangible world seen through the lens of honoring the invisible animating force of life in all things.   How do you open more to magic, synchronicity and remembering?  The best way I know is through the body and through Qoya.

Do you have some time to do Qoya today?  Check out 11 Free Qoya videos ranging from 5 minutes to do circling, heart or hip opening to 10 minute dancing your yoga videos to a full hour class.  Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember.  That through the experience of movement we can shift from the pursuit of external validation into the deep fulfillment of internal validation.  Through movement we acknowledge that all answers are within.  Through movement, we remember that life is a dance and explore how we can take every person, situation and moment as a dance partner.

For a more immersive experience of Qoya, check out our


May 2-5, 2014 in Miami, FL

The next Qoya retreat is coming up quick in Miami at the Standard May 2-5, with an optional teacher training.  Every retreat has a theme and this one is "Following your Flow."  The first step to following your flow for me is taking a moment to slow down and feel.  One of the easiest ways to numb ourselves is through being overly busy.  This retreat is all about relaxation, rejuvenation and by slowing down to feel more you emerge ready and more deeply connected to yourself, others and life.  Register by calling the Standard at 305-673-1717.  Another synchronicity is that I noticed the next Deepak and Oprah meditation series is also "Finding your Flow!"  We are definitely on the same wavelength this week! It starts April 14th and is an amazing way to begin, continue to come back to a meditation practice.  Join for free here!

May 17, 2014 New York City

Join Qoya on May 17th at the Reveal conference in NYC manifested by Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked.   I'm honored to be sharing Qoya there and the message that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence as women is wise, wild and free. Check out the video on this page to get a sense of the depth and community that is possible when we gather together with intention and in celebration. A little remembering goes a long way. Hope to see you there! Early bird is still available!

June 21-28 in Tuscany, Italy

The theme of this retreat is all about savoring.  Enjoying.  Expanding our capacity to revel in the pleasure of a sunrise overlooking the Tuscan hillside, smelling a plate of home cooked fresh pasta before eating it, going deeper into awareness while moving one's body with daily movement and being together in conscious community.  This retreat is one of those heaven on earth experiences staying in a private villa and expanding our ideas of what is possible as we shift and begin to source our thoughts, feelings and beliefs from probability to possibility.  All things are possible and all roads lead to Rome, so join us on the summer solstice June 21, 2014 in Rome and we will pilgrimage to Tuscany, Assisi and Sienna for a memorable week embodying the different Roman Goddess Archetypes of Juno, Minerva, Venus, Diana, Vesta and Ceres. Space is limited. Register here.

September 4-7, Poconos in Pennsylvania

Soul Camp is here!!!! September 4-7 at Camp Towanda (the home of movie Wet Hot American Summer) is going to be full of play, exploration, joy and CAMP!  You do not want to miss this amazing collection of people gathering to bring celebration of play, exploration of spirit and the joy of camp together in one weekend.  Dozens of teachers and thought leaders.  Hundreds of campers.  Tons of fun.  Check out the site and if your heart says yes, come join us for some amazing sing-a-longs and a whole lot of dancing.

More Retreats

Check out other upcoming retreats this year in Peru, Qoya in the morning during Austin City Limits, a Pay-What-You-Can Retreat in Woodstock, NY, 10 days in Chile, a Service and Safari retreat in Zimbabwe and Qoya in Costa Rica next year March 28- April 4, 2015 here! 

Dear Believers.  Thank you for taking time to read this.  Taking to time to dance and remember.

Some things are meant to be,



P.S. Spoiler alert~ in this epic journey we all are on, love always wins.  Promise.

P.P.S. Photo above by Retreat Photographer Alli Parfenov 











P.S. Spoiler alert~ in this epic journey we all are on, love always wins.  Promise.

P.P.S. Photo above by Retreat Photographer Alli Parfenov