Some days, you, like me, may wish that it could. Many a marketers promise the missing puzzle piece of a diet, psychological process or new product that can be the magic bullet for your life.  And if you do "that" all your dreams will come true!  And some of those things, do have true and sincere value and some of them just play on the cultural curse of "not enoughness" and the belief that the source of our happiness lives outside of us.

The faux pas, or mis-step, is forgetting that the right thing "to do" will change depending on the person and where they are uniquely in their life.  Sometimes you need to rest and release all effort.  Sometimes you need to pull an all nighter and make it happen.  Sometimes you need to just sit down and pray. Focusing less on "the doing" and more on your ability "to be" which aligns you with your truth and opens up your intuition is what we focus on in Qoya.  The idea is that you can't always see the plan, but you can feel the next step.

Today I received two very powerful updates from women who were on last year's Qoya Costa Rica retreat.  One was in a relationship she had been needing to break away from for years and during the retreat, she got the clarity to truly energetically cut the cords and in an exercise where we dance what it would feel like if our dreams truly came true, she saw a vision of a different type of relationship and even saw a vision of a particular man.  About 5 minutes after the retreat ended, she went into a store here in Costa Rica and saw this man and recognized him for her vision earlier in the week.  He was on vacation from Italy.  One year later, they dated, then she went to live with him in Europe for four months and was able to take her work there as well, then he moved back with her and she is experiencing one of the best relationships in her life and says that during the week, she was able to get so clear in herself- her mind, her body, her heart- that she surrendered to be at peace, to be grateful to enjoy her life exactly as it was without needing anything externally to change and in that right relationship, she planted the seed of what was to come.   #mammamia

Another woman wrote to me speaking of the incredible healing she experienced around her fears of starting a family and through her own process, but also through learning from the other women, she saw models of conscious conception, calm and trusting mothers, true sisterhood and a new possibility that gave her the courage to fully commit to a relationship and wrote me that she was ecstatically  pregnant (and sent pictures!) and is so happy about trusting this next chapter of her life.

Other women have had the vision of the business they were to start.  Others have forgiven their mother and experienced a wave of compassion.  Some felt the sacred space that allowed them to go deeper into their truth and feel and honor their darkness to dance and love and celebrate even there.  We all have different details, different timings in our life story, but there is a common thread in our purpose to listen to, honor and serve our soul.

The lifestyle and movement approach of Qoya is a shift from a left brain logic filled, strategic plan, thinking approach to life towards a right brained feminine flow of dancing with faith.  Systems have their value, but so does your soul.  At the end of the day or the end of your life, I venture to suggest, you are going to feel a lot better about the times when you listened to the guidance from within that lit your soul on fire than the tasks you obligatorily checked off on a list that promised you something that was always already inside of you.

To dance in Qoya is to remember.  It's thinking less and feeling more.  It's imagining, there is no way you can do it wrong and the way you know that you are doing it right is that it feels good. More than feeling good, it feels honest.  It feels true.  

We start the 5th annual Qoya Costa Rica Retreat at Blue Spirit today.  The theme of the week is to Trust Yourself. Trust being sourcing your thoughts, feeling and beliefs from love vs. fear.  Yourself being your divine spark vs. your ego.  With healthy meals, daily movement, meditation, sitting down in ceremony, conscious community, adventures, rest and being in nature we attune to the physical sensation of truth in our bodies and practice how to follow it.

If you feel the call to have an immersive Qoya experience, please check out our list of upcoming retreats here.  Next month, we'll be at the Standard in Miami from May 2-5 and over the summer solstice, we'll be going back to the villa in Italy June 21-28. I'll post updates on our Qoya Facebook page throughout the week and encourage you to create your own retreat at home as you feel inspired.   Mostly, and always, I invite you to deeply trust yourself and your intuition as the physical sensation of truth in your body.  To hear more thoughts on this, check out two of my ted-style talks on this topic here.
When you come to Costa Rica and say how are you, a common answer is, "pura vida" which translates to pure life.  May that essence of pure life guide you today, always and all ways.

Pura Vida!