The best part of what I do is hearing a story like this one from one of my students.

Kim’s adventure is so stunning (seriously, it will be a movie someday), I had to share it with you. As the weather gets colder and we head into the holidays, it will warm your heart and inspire you to tap into the magic that also lives inside of you.

Rochelle: I’ve heard a lot of amazing Qoya stories in my day, and I love this one for its layers of magic, synchronicity and destiny.  It feels like a testimonial of self-love as a pathway to your beloved.

This is me soaking up france like warm bread soaks up french butter last time i was there in 2012. 

This is me soaking up france like warm bread soaks up french butter last time i was there in 2012. 

Kim: It's pretty amazing that one week truly did have a life-changing effect on me.

Rochelle: Magic is inside all of us, and the amazing part is that you followed yours!  Qoya focuses on following the physical sensation of truth in your body or your soul call (the idea is that the voice of the body IS the voice of the soul). How did you find out about Qoya, and what called you to come to Costa Rica?

Kim: I had been in a kind of a blah phase, going through some difficult times, not depressed necessarily, but not particularly motivated by life either….  A friend who had just come back from a Qoya retreat in the Fall of 2013 basically said to me, “Trust Me.  Go and you will have a great time.”  I felt like I was going to be the most mainstream person there, but I also felt like it was something I just needed to do for myself. 

Rochelle: And how was it?

Kim: One week truly changed my life; in some ways, I didn't even realize until later.  I met a lot of amazing women who I connected with and stayed in touch with on Facebook. One woman I really hit it off with posted a music video from her “wonderful friend in Bordeaux.”  One of the big dreams I danced for in Qoya was this idea of moving to France, so I commented on her post, “Lucky you to have a friend in Bordeaux, I want to move there someday!” Moving to France was something I had been talking about for many years.  I had a job now where I can work from home, so I started exploring the possibility.  I had specifically been thinking of the Bordeaux region for about 5 years, even though I had never been there.

Rochelle: Let me recap…There was no logical reason why you were drawn to Bordeaux, but you were deeply drawn to that specific place? I live for those moments! I love when the clarity comes through the body and you can feel it in your bones!  So what happened when you followed this calling to Bordeaux?

Kim: Well, when I decided to go for it, my friend Marcie from the Qoya retreat connected me with her friend in Bordeaux, and we emailed for months as he answered all my questions about moving to a place I’d never been.  When I booked my flight, he offered to pick me up at the airport saying, “A friend of Marcie’s is a friend of mine.” A month into my stay in Bordeaux, we realized there was something between us that was more than friendship.

Rochelle: I am smiling very big right now.   So then what happened?

Kim: After many months of things going well, I decided to make a permanent move and go back home to the U.S. and clear things up so I could explore building a life in France more permanently.  The first person that applied to rent my house had the last name Bordeaux! I know there are no promises of what will happen, and I’m going to keep taking everything one day at a time.  I had always hoped I would find a soulmate or whatever you want to call it, but I didn't necessarily know what that was or believe it would happen for me. When I met him, I understood, “Oh! This is what everyone is talking about."  It was different than any other relationship.  It just feels right. I had to wait 45 years to find it, and look at all that whining I did before that - what a waste! In a way, I’m so glad I didn't meet someone before, because then maybe I wouldn't have met him.  In May, we are meeting Marcie from the Qoya retreat (and her husband) in Brittany for a long weekend together!

Rochelle: I honor your courage to come on the retreat, to move to France and to be open to dance fully with this experience.  I am so grateful to have been a sacred witness and am wishing you so much love as you enjoy this next adventure.  Is there anything else you would want people to know about your experience if they are deciding to follow the call to also come to Costa Rica?

Kim: I came in with an open mind and left with an open heart.  It was the MOST fun I’ve ever had on vacation.  My friend didn’t even go with me my first time. She just said "trust me.” To anyone who feels the call, I say, “trust me” - you want to follow it.


This isn't just about following the call to come to Costa Rica.  This is about following the call to listen to yourself deeply.  

This is a reminder that some of the most effective ways to listen to yourself are the things we do in a Qoya Retreat:  

  • Through movement, we remember.  Through daily Qoya classes, you will feel the physical sensation of truth, of your most honest self in your body.  

  • Through spending long stretches of time in nature, watching the sunset, jumping in the ocean, eating all your organic delicious meals in an open air environment, hearing sounds of the monkeys calling to each other, and wading in the infinity salt water pool (with no caffeine) under a sea of stars, your body will reset itself.  Truth mirrors truth.  Time in nature evokes your true nature.   

  • Sleep is sacred.  There is time on this trip for naps, and a one-hour massage is included. After full days, you can sleep deep through the night. Most times when we are upset, if we go a little deeper, we're actually exhausted.  This week is designed to be restorative and nourishing to your body, mind, heart and soul.

  • Through being in a community of women, you will begin to balance your feminine and masculine energy, and heal any of the rifts, old stories, or worries about other women.  The women who are drawn to Qoya are incredibly dynamic, compassionate, and open-hearted, and we create the most supportive space to encourage you to keep going deep into your own inner wisdom, wildness and freedom.

There's so much more to share about the week in Costa Rica!  The evening rituals that focus on gratitude and visioning. Our fire ceremony.  The adventures - zip lining, learning to surf, kayaking, and bird watching.  The delicious food, the juice and smoothie bar, and the local restaurant where we have dinner on the beach.  The ocean!  The softest warm ocean water is just a three minute walk through a protected preserve so that no buildings are within 200 feet of the shore.    To learn more about the trip, please visit  

The Early Bird Discount is available through November 27th.  Click here to learn more and register. 

Whether you are coming to Costa Rica or not, I invite you to create opportunities to go deeper this Thanksgiving week and listen to the call inside and maybe even create some magic by feeling your heart relax into the gratitude of all that is.  Can you make some space to do movement?  Can you go for a walk in nature?  Can you call in the directions before your guests arrive, or invite them to do a gratitude despacho together? Can you be present with your friends, family and community, and send a little extra love their way?  Can you trust the voice within to guide you home into your heart?  Of course you can.   

Thank you for being a part of this community, for reading this post, and for being who you are.  It's a courageous journey to hold space for love in turbulent times.  As you stand in love, I stand with you.  And I am so grateful.

Blessed Be,